A Different Type of Beautiful

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since my last blog…. I am so sorry, sometimes life just takes over, that and a almost two year old refusing to give me 5 secs on my phone. Her big birthday party is next week, thank goodness for her nana who planned and paid for it, even a rental car to get us home!

We are here in Oregon City…. but my heart is stuck in Wyoming. I’m not going to lie, I don’t like it here even a little bit, but I am bound and determined to make the best of it, after all we are stuck here until September and we don’t know yet where we will go after this. There are so many things that make me want to get away from here, I’m hoping after a week home I can come back with a better attitude and find the good here!

Our first day here, we came in late ( about 7pm) we couldn’t find a single place to put our trailer so we stayed at a truck stop for the night and came back in the morning. We were lucky enough to find a spot at the Clackamette RV Park right on the river, it’s beautiful here, but it’s right down town which means there isn’t a day that goes by we don’t see a looney walk by talking to them self. We can only stay here for 10 days, problem is there is absolutely no other place within a half hour of the job that we can stay park this darn thingy here I go getting ahead of myself that’s today’s problem, let’s go back to day one here in this “city”…. After getting our trailer set up we decided to drive around a bit and get any idea of what was around, gas stations, grocery stores etc. two blocks away from our campsite we see a extremely large man with his butt hanging out…. ok, that’s not that strange as we pass him we can help but notice his butt was hanging out because his paints where down and he was playing with him self, right there on the side walk in the middle of town…. oh my gosh get me out of here!! I spent the next 5 mins keeping Jim from turning around and hurting that guy, I lost but luckily when we did turn around the jerk was gone!

So with that hot image in our minds, we continued on to the big city of Portland… not to bad, lots of people… they had just had their annual rose parade and people were gathered in the main park for a festival…. when we saw a big old riot break out… Jim got us out of there quick, we had Ella with us of corse, but you better believe if we hadn’t had our sweet baby girl we both would have been in the middle of it standing up for the country our fathers and fathers father had fought for!! I think it’s sick the way people act when it comes to our flag and stand for the pledge I personally think we are big trouble now that God has been taken out of our pledge… some people just didn’t do well in History apparently…. they say history has a way of repeating its self, which is dumb because we could learn from passed mistakes, but instead we choose to repeat them… So anyway all and all our first day here was rather eventful to say the least.

Getting ready for our trip home Ella and I will be leaving daddy the day before Father’s Day so that I can spend Father’s Day with my daddy… Jim of corse we as all for that, saying he will in enjoy the peace and quite…. but we better come back! Hopefully our little bed full down a bit here, but you never know what can happen in the city!!!

Gliding Threw

So one more night here in Glide, OR. It’s so beautiful here, wish we could stay longer.. 4 night isn’t enough!! Yesterday we made friends! We took a morning trip to the jungle gym, in the super awesome camp ground his boss got us, and Sarah and her daughter Hazely pulled up shortly after we got there… We got to talking well the girls played, next thing you know we hung out again today. Hazely is 5 but Ella just adored her, and Hazely was so cool to Ella holding her hand and pointing out all the cool spots in town… it was super awesome! Ella and Loretta played in the beautiful river that runs around the camp… so amazing, and perfect warm weather about 75 or so…

So I feel like I can tell you guys This because we are friends right? I’m not going to lie I’m really dreading our next stop. Oregon City. I thought it was out in the hills, but from what I am hearing it’s a big city… Big cities are cool when you can take a day trip, and then return to your quiet remote camp site… but to stay in a trailer with the dog and unruly toddler… HELP! I’ve got to take Loretta every where we go, cause if I leave her in the trailer she will destroy it, if I leave her tied up she will bark and squeal like she’s going to die… I really can’t win! And then there is Ella… I love her so much but this kid… if things aren’t exactly how she wants them… oh goodness, hair brushing.. enough said, point is I feel horrible for anyone in ear shot… lmao But I guess it’s all part of the adventure, it may be a bit of a challenge but I’m determined to make ever stop better than the last.. I’m sure we will see some amazing beauty there and have a great time!

My tribe

We’ve covered a lot of ground the last few days, and are now here in Glide, Oregon! A very very tiny town outside of Roseburg (which is also pretty small). We left Wyoming and headed to Oregon got a call to stop off in Montana for a few days after all so Jim could help with some scaling ( knocking rocks of hills) he hates it, but I couldn’t be happier because I’d finally get to meet some of the other moms crazy like me! May only be a few days, but at least we got to stop!

There where 3 other moms there, and one very soon to be first time mom which I was unable to meet! I met up with other 3 and all the kids… 5 between the 3 of them… and one of them was about to have baby number 3! I had so many questions, I tried to control myself so I wouldn’t scare the off lol! I found all the girls had grown up here in Glide with most of the crew… and most of the rest of the crews wives… non of them live in their rv full time, they came and left as they pleased with the kids… but non of them worked well on the road. I was hoping I’d find some get tips on a side hustle… but nothing lol. They told me they usually all have a big dinner together when the boys get off, every one usually stays for dinner before heading back to their room/ trailer. That’s like 20 plus guys! Unfortunately it rained the two nights we stayed and I didn’t get to participate in the big dinner, which Jim would have hated lol. Ella and I hung out for lunch, bubbles and rock painting, she loved the other kids and they were so sweet to her!!! One of the other moms had an oil addiction too so we instantly hit it off… Got to love Young Living Essential OiLs!!! The next morning that same mom and me took a hike to the top of the mountain to watch the guys work! Of corse Jim was on the rock knockin then back! ( video above) Unfortunately, I’m a bit slow and every time I’d put my phone down he’d knock a giant one down so I only got the little stuff falling!

We were in Basin, MT another tiny tiny town between Billings and Butte about 40 mins from Montana’s capital, Helena. There was a few healing mine, including where we stayed ( Merry Widow). The mines were full of Radon… a form of radiation, I guess…. yeah, I’m good on all that, thanks anyway. We checked out Butte first, and the next day Helena. Butte was a cool city, tho in most people’s opinion it would be a normal size town lol… Helena didn’t even seem that giant to me… but I have spent a bit of time in LA, CA lol

Basin, MT

Butte, MT

Sorry Just some random pic lol and here’s some more just random stuff on our way to Oregon 😉

Missoula, MT

Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho


Oh yeah then this happened… what a way to finish of two big days of traveling. With our destination 4 hours ahead of us, Jim quickly changed the tire so we could get to Glide and get some dinner lol! Luckily he caught it right away and didn’t damage the rim at all!

… Now our first day here in Glide… well I went to do laundry and there was no quarters, the coffee shops next door didn’t have enough and the Dollar General has a policy against giving change… so I took all my laundry to Roseburg, again no quarters… I was able to buy some at the bar next door… if I wasn’t I would have given up and we would have all worn dirty clothes all week!! Lol. All in all I love this tiny town it’s beyond beautiful here it’s warm… and very county, I wouldn’t mind settling here, as long as I never needed quarters 😉


Day 34

We were off! Off to Butte, Montana, Earth Angel Healing Mine. The trip: 5 1/2 hours… taking it slow since Jim had a three day weekend, but I couldn’t wait to get there and meet other road moms with crazy husbands… 4 hours into Montana and Jim’s phone starts beeping… ” We are going to have you guys stay in Wyoming until the meeting Tuesday, just in case they change there minds”

You see, a rockfall project is designed by engineers, then the rockfall crew comes in and makes it happen, basically builds the design. Well, the engineers on this project didn’t do all there homework and over looked the fact there is no place to buy 40ft mesh without seems… the longest is 36ft, but to make it even the best way would be to get two 20ft and weld them together, causing a seem. So when the guys took the mesh up the hill and it didn’t fit in place, they knew they had a problem. To fix the problem they needed the city to approve the 2 20ft pieces…. which somehow could have lost all funding for the whole project, not just the rockfall portion… so they denied it Friday. They did schedule a telephone conference to bring in the big guns and discuss this and other issues… mostly just to fill everyone in… and Jim’s boss wanted to have his men there ready in case they change there mind. That’s readers digest version, of corse I really have no idea what I am talking about… this is just what I’ve put together talking to all the different crews out here working.

So I was bummed we had to turn around, Andrew, the crew leader lives in Montana and suggested we stay at the Gallatin National Forest about an hour back towards Cody….. oh my gosh guys, I want to live here!!

I have so many pictures of this place it’s hard to pick which ones to publish!! It was hot when we got there… well we were setting up camp we were sweating, something I haven’t done since I left California… get a big beautiful fire going, baby in bed and crack!!! Beautiful lighting across the sky, then thunder.. about 10 mins after we got the fire going it was pouring!! So we retreated inside and watched the show in the sky until we both fell asleep! We woke up to a drizzle but perfect hiking weather… exploring all around our camp area. Then we packed up and headed out, but stopped by the water fall on the way out and hiked all around and down it!! Breath taking!

Because we didn’t have phone service, and Jim was worried he’d miss the call from his boss we started heading back to Cody, planing on staying in the Sunlight basin once we got there. Sure enough as soon as we got service his phone was going crazy ” well these drills are a mess and I could really use you on at yard getting everything ready for this Oregon job, so after we see what is happening there in Cody Tuesday I’ll have you come straight here” Man I wanted to cry… I so badly wanted to meet the other moms!! But I will at some point, they have everyone moving around a lot… this will just be a new adventure for us!

After that poop news we headed to the Basin for the last of our 3 day weekend… but we kept going and ended up at the Shoshone National Forest… Also amazingThe next morning we packed up and headed to Cook city, a very small old mining town of 140 people… one school house… only 4 kids last year? What? All different ages of corse! Wow! It was very high up and still pretty snowy… I wonder if they ever see the ground without snow.. super cool little town and if you find yourself near it stop by, it’s worth the drive! But because it’s so small, and so far from any big town everything is very very expensive so come with food… they wanted $41 for hi def fluid… it’s only $7 at Walmart… just a heads up. I guess if you think about it they need to make money somehow and I’m pretty sure that town is only open maybe 3 months out of the year? Any way… zoom in on the pic of the old mine contracts… a real bit of history right there and so cool to read!!!!

After our exploring we dropped the trailer in the yard in Cody and headed over to the condo for showers… we started having some small trailer problems… like the trailer brakes and the water heater… Jim’s fixing that now well we wait on this ridiculous meeting…. Ready to get on the road!

Day 29

Almost a month on the road!! Maybe I should start coming up with more creative titles! Nothing exciting has happened the last two days… yesterday was waste dump day, then we sat at the yard and watched to boys pack up a few things. Looks like we will only be here in Wyoming for another day or two then off to Montana!

Now I was already excited about visiting Montana, but now I can’t wait! Sure it will be bitter sweet I LOVE Wyoming!! It’s not for everyone but a country girl like myself feels right at home here!! Now back to Montana, I thought I was crazy leaving CA packing up the kid and the dog to live in a 5th wheel…. never really knowing where we are headed to next… guess what guys, I am not the old one!!!! Oh I am so excited!! Turns out there are a few other families that did the same thing! They are already at the job in Montana and camping together at the healing mines? Idk but it sounds awesome…. other moms, other kids Ella’s age…. I cannot wait to meet them!! Silly to think I was the only one, however other companies Jim has work for in the past seemed to be made up of single young guys, non of which had families and if they did they were usually divorced and their kids live with mom in some other state!! I feel like these people could be my tribe!! Lol, the down side we won’t be there long, then off to Oregon…. but this gives me hope, if there are a few in Montana, maybe there will be one or two in Oregon? Or maybe one or all of the families will get transferred to Oregon at some point? They tend to move people around frequently depending on jobs and the strengths of each worker!! Fingers crossed guys, I love be on the road with my family… but it does get a little lonely sometimes…. and it sure would be nice to have a date night just me and my man…. I’ve got to know someone before I’d leave my baby with them, and of corse I’d return the favor….. anyways here’s hoping!! I have a feeling the next few posts will be something you don’t want to miss… keep following!!! Xoxox

Day 26

What an amazing day we had today… started out boring… a trip to the local hardware store for some replacement screen. Our dog destroyed our screen our very first day here, luckily for me I have Jim! After that we came home to give Ella a nap… I try so hard to keep a strong routine for her! But then when she woke up, it was on!

We parked at the bottom, and started our walk, Ella had already had her poop, and the road didn’t look that long so I didn’t think anything of it when we started our journey….. rookie mistake! About a 1/2 mile down she does her poop face, Jim ran to the truck grabbed her diapers and wipes… here’s to the moms changing poopy butts in the bushes on a trail!! I shoved the other one and the wipes in my back pocket. We continue on our way! The water was so powerful, it’s literally impossible to show all the beauty and power this river holds in a few photos…. but I took them anyway 😝

Jim explained to us how the water seeps three the rocks, freezes which makes it expand and breaks giant cracks in the rocks…. this process continues until you have a rock slid…. giant chucks of Rocky Mountain falling to the ground or river! He also showed us the different layers in the rocks, he told a they are called veins… what every they are they where so incredibly beautiful… pink granite, pyrite( fools gold) too many to list…. I even thought struck gold well digging out some of the sand built up in one of the giant cracks…. but it was fools gold… sure fooled me! We saw some previous rock work done, drill marks, core samples taken( apparently I wasn’t the only one that thought there was gold in them there mountains), lots and lots of free climbs….. we even saw a climber going at it!! Scary stuff!!

About half way down the trail we ran out of water, so Jim decided to fill our bottle up with river water… it was hot… how bad could it be? He climbed down a random, old, rusty, sketchy ladder and brought up delicious ice cold water… I’m pretty picky about water, I don’t know why ever since I was little I’ve liked good bottle water… I’m sure it was full of unhealthy minerals, but it was clear as bottled water and I swear it was the best water I’ve ever drank!!

We came up to a power plant they had cut the hill back to build ( Jim wished he could have done that project, later found out it was -16 degrees for days at a time and it took a whole year to complete… even then he was jealous) the power plant used the water to make electricity, sucking it in and spitting it out….. it was pretty cool!

We walked all the way down to the dam, exploring the rocks as we walked. I can’t stress enough how powerful this river is, not a good place to swim… tho I was tempted! The mist of the water shooting out from the dam felt amazing… the old tunnels made by hand years ago that lead to the bottom of the dam where something out of a story book! I’d have to say, if you ever make it to Wyoming…. don’t leave with out taking this hike/ walk… I wouldn’t call it a hike… it’s a paved road… but a long up and down walk lol! Took us nearly 4 hours to finish, of corse we were in no hurry…. and half way back Ella decided to poop on us again! Thank goodness for that backup I had in my pocket!! Once again I had her lay down in the bushes and started changing her diaper… as soon as I got it opened up to see what we were dealing with, trying to hurry because I felt like a crappy mom changing my baby’s butt in the bushes… either that or on rocks, bushes seemed a little less child abusive… a big family walked around the corner and both parents started laughing… they had 4 kids ranging from 1-5…. they explained they had down the exact same thing 100+ time on this trail! I was felt a lot better… I mean what else was I supposed to do? Lol!

By the time we got home it was already 7pm I made a quick dinner and put Ella to bed…. so yeah last night was the first night she slept all the way threw even slept in late… I may start doing this walk everyday!!

The old historic road.

The power plant… you can see the drill marks on the rock behind it ( the job Jim wished he could have been a part of)

The powerful Shoshone River!

Down by the bottom of the dam!

Just some pure beauty I had to attempt to capture 😝

Jim retrieving us amazing water… Loretta had to photo bomb!

The free climber team…. crazy people! Lol

One of the caves… the inside old brackets keeping it together!

A bunch of cool rocks! You can see the granite in one…. so pretty… image the counter tops you could make lol

Me, happy I didn’t die from being so out of shape!! Lol

Day 25

I lied. I know I said it was going to be a rather boring day today, with laundry and cleaning… but oh no, is it even possible to have a boring day in Wyoming? So far the verdict is no… even when you try!

Ok so I got all the clothes and sheets and blankets together and took them to the truck, as I was walking back to the camper I saw another truck pulling in… not unusual… this is a very loved trail. I proceeded to let Ella out to run around with Loretta ( who now has to be on a leash because she like to chase cars and people… well everything) and as I was cleaning up my beautiful Mother’s Day flower the darn dog had chewed up, I see a lady get out of the truck with a large ice chest… I notice some writing on the truck, looked like a city truck…. well shoot, time to look for another spot that’s the city coming to say we can’t camp here or some crap like that! She starts walking over to me leaving her ice chest next to her truck… yep, here it goes…. she doesn’t look to friendly! She asked if I was going to be around long… ” Well, awww I—-” I stuttered. ” is your dog always on a leash? Can you please keep her on a lead today?” She asked… well sorta demanded…. ” yeah sure of corse, what’s going on?” I was so relieved! ” well” she says ” I’m here to hide body parts, ive got a head over there and just a few limbs and piece to hide around here and up the trail a bit” she didn’t even blink….. “oh… awww ok, well I’m going to take the dog with me to do laundry right now… awww um is it recognizable? I’d rather my daughter not have to see this” honestly I was jumping out of my skin and wanted to grab my kid and jump in the car, I did however slowly take a few steps back to where Loretta was right by my side… she was already barking like crazy….. ” ok” she said well we are testing the cadaver dog around 11… we should be done about 12-1pm, will you be gone the whole time” ” absolutely, headed out now, thank you for the heads up” my mind still spinning… what the hell just happened? Did she really just say she is going to hide body parts all over my campsite? Oh man, I quickly got the dog and kid in the car and I was gone… just now getting home at 4pm, I wanted to make sure they where way done, I didn’t want to catch them if they where running behind schedule… ewwww!

Day 24

Hello there… took me a day to get this post out, sometimes it’s hard to find a minute to sit down without all the distractions!

So because they couldn’t do anything until the shot creat dried… and it’s been raining the last two days, Jim got today off too! He got us up early… as usual ( no rest for the weary) and took us for a family drive to Stillwater, Montana! Apparently before I got here Jim did a bid for his company on a job out there and lost the bid, he wanted to check it out and see what the company that got the bid was doing and how they handled the incredibly difficult job…. he’s always trying to better himself! So incredibly beautiful there… being from the central coast, CA, I love rushing rivers, green grass, and snowy mountains… only because I rarely saw any of that back at home!!

On the way there we stopped at this old abandoned mine, and when I started reading the board, a tear fell from my eye… such an awful tragedy! I feel for the families of these brave men. It’s scary to think it was just another day for them headed off to work to make a living for their family… but they never came home that day… I felt bad finding beauty in the old broken down mine that claimed so many lives!

By the time we arrived at the job site, Ella was out cold, she’s so cute when she’s asleep 😊. There were no signs of the other company anywhere, and they hadn’t even started the job, which made us both wonder why? Was it harder than originally thought? Was it to expensive for the city to have done? Why have they not started yet, this job was supposed to start two weeks ago! Either way I know Jim will call around to his “friends” in all the other companies and figure it out… I’m hope we get to take a trip out there again… I could imagine it be rough during the winter months, but man how I like to ride out there… race the river, climb the hills on a good strong horse! Or maybe just lay in the grass and enjoy all the spring time smells!

We took a different road back, saw a lot more of Montana… I even picked up a real estate book ( one can dream) to my surprise there where a few awesome chunks of property with houses on them that where very reasonable 150,000ish scared among million dollar properties… maybe one day when we settle!!

Today ( day 25) won’t be all that exciting, laundry day, cleaning day… what I had plan to do Thursday before I knew Jim would be off! He is back at work today running tests on all the work he has down, fingers crossed it worked out I know how much trouble this job was for the guys!!

a beautiful bald eagle and nest! What a treat!The supposed job site…. just a little mudon the truck, lmao why he washed it this morning I have no idea! Such a great tasting Montana beer! Mmm

a few small Wyoming towns we passed threw on our way home!

Day 23

Awwww the peace in the morning, so amazing, that is until hikers start flooding in…. then comes the 4×4…. entertainment at its finest!

So Ella tripped yesterday and hit her lip pretty good.. scared the crap out of me! I’m still a little traumatized! Luckily I had my oils, which I don’t talk about to much because that’s not what this site is about and I don’t want you thinking I’m trying to sell them to you! I grab the owie oil for kids, put a drop on her lip and almost instantly the bleeding stopped… I now keep it in a small roller bottle with a little coconut oil so she can apply it her self as lip stick… it’s been 24 hours and it’s heeling well! My poor fat lip baby… I’m truly in for it this kid is a wild one!!

Jim’s off today, they are getting close to finishing up and need the shot creat to dry before the next step. Instead of sleeping in or taking it easy he’s up at his usual 4am hits the gym, then comes home and started working on the trailer brakes… in case I didn’t mention they went out on us when we first got here, so he disconnected them until he had a free moment to see what was going on. Apparently it was a pain in the ass, but as always he figured it out… haven’t tested them yet but he confident they are good to go! Such a handy man…. I’d never in a million years do this crazy adventure if I didn’t have him to save the day anytime something went wrong, which is fairly often!

Nap time now, baby’s down Loretta is down, Jim is down… that’s why I’m here chatting with you fine people… I guess when they all wake up we are headed to pan for some gold… one of our favorite past times… cross your fingers for us!!

Well didn’t end up panning today… instead we went shopping for some new ( first pair ever) hiking boots for me!! Time to get my ass back in shape… I mean my baby is two… that excuse starts losing merit right about now, plus I love myself a lot more when I can walk up a hill with dying… I mean shoot, don’t tell anyone but I was struggling in Yellowstone… as Jim literally runs by me with the baby strapped to his back!! 😒

So off to bed now… the storm hit well we were napping I heard some thunder and the rain, but I was just informed two tornado hits here somewhere… not in town I’m sure. The weather didn’t seem to crazy to me, they said to expect thunder storms… but a tornado! Oh man, that has this Cali chick living in a 5th wheel a little scared! Lol

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