Well this is where it all begins, Paso Robles, CA. I grow up on the central coast, We both did, sad my daughter won’t. CA has gotten way to expensive, and quite frankly I don’t agree with most of the politics here…

Anyways, that’s not what I started this to talk about. My other half does Rock Fall work ( hangs from cliffs on ropes, drills holes basically he’s crazy) this means he has to travel all over the states. When he did this before I was pregnant, and once are sweet baby girl came into this world he couldn’t bare being away from his family for so long, So he came home! Long story short work wasn’t paying enough to pay the bills and we made good money! We both worked full time + and never got enough time to spend as a family after months of debate and weighing pros and cons we decided to all go on the road with him well he did his Rock fall job… the giant Rottweiler, the 10 year old cat, the energetic two year old and some crazy crazy ass parents lol!  We bought a 5th wheel last week I’ve spent all week packing it up and plan to pick him up from the airport tomorrow!! I can’t believe this is happening, first stop Cody, Wyoming. We plan on hitting the road Sunday, 3 days!!! I’m so excited all we have been doing is researching about Full Time Rving… now it’s time to put that knowledge to use. I’ve herd everywhere to start a blog… ok?!? So here we go… my personal diary of all the ups and downs of full time family traveling!!

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