6am on Saturday and we are already moving fast, so much to do, so little time to do it! As soon as I think o have everything done I see that one thing I can’t live without and before you know it we have another load we need to take to the trailer!

Jim left early, headed into town to change all the filters and fill all the fluids in the truck… we are screwed if that thing breaks down on us! I’m home with the baby, getting the last of our stuff ready to go. I have a small box of can foods and a few random items I fell we may need. I want to give our big dog a bath and treat her for fleas in hopes we don’t bring any alone for the ride! When he gets back it off to the trailer, time to pull her out and double check everything works well! Well he’s doing that I’ll be inside frantically putting things away in cabinets and the baby’s room I haven’t been able to get into with the slides in… tomorrow morning we set sail!!

( Side note, I am not a writer, my grammar and spelling isn’t the best… please disregard an error, I promise I’m not an idiot, just crazy!)

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