Here I sit at my mother in laws house in Santa Maria, CA…. we took off last night to get a little head start, good thing we did because I forgot the generator!!! So my early morning man took off to grab it from the house…. we are off to a great start lol! We were no more than 10 mins on the road when a piece of the trailer started flapping around, just a plastic over the wheels… so we pulled over ripped it off and kept on rolling!

Today was the day we planned to leave 4/22/2018… so we are already a head of the game here we plan to be in Wyoming by Tuesday, fingers crossed! The baby woke up early and was running around the house like a wild animal, I decided to give her a bottle and put her right back to bed… lucky for me it worked… she’s back asleep resting her beautiful little mind for the adventure ahead! Our other child, the dog, Loretta Lynn, is a nervous wreck, I think she will calm down a bit once we get there… I hope anyway! I’m just so excited to getting going!

So im stirring here waiting for my love to return with the generator, the question spinning in my mind is weather or not I should take a shower, who knows how long it will be before I get another shower in a house lol… and will I be done by the time he gets back🤔…. I’m going for it!!

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