Day 2

Well exploring it is, don’t want to go to far without Jim, he wants to see Yellowstone too, so we are going to check out town and try and find a better spot to park!

Buffalo Bills State Park that’s where we must go, beautiful lake, snowy mountains… we are moving!

So Jim comes home turns out the other road work crew, a tunnel down from where they are working went to lunch and came back with a giant rock ridding shot gun in one of there work trucks…. the rock went straight threw the roof, shattered the back window the drivers door is beat to hell… well look at my pictures, see for your self…. scary stuff easily could have killed someone… wow!

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  1. Wow that is very scary!! I couldn’t image. Driving through Ontario between all the large walls of rocks I was so scared something like this would happen!

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  2. That’s a big rock! Glad no one was sitting there when it landed.

    My Rot was the best dog I’ve ever had. Would love to get another someday. Our daughter grew up with him. He stayed by her side the entire time she would be playing in the back yard.

    Quick question. Who are you guys liking your Ram truck?


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    1. It is amazing, I’d say it’s the only truck to buy if your towing… I’ve always been a Chevy girl. Jim did a lot of research, and it took him months to find find the right truck…. but it was well worth it!!

      So now I have a quick question lol did your dog ever have a problem attacking… bikes or cars if they got a little to close? Pretty much anything… she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body I know she’d never hurt a person or dog but she scares people, I’m constantly saying she’s just a pup I swear she won’t hurt you… idk what to do!! I’ve tried every trick in the book, I’m hoping she’ll get better as she gets older she’s just so dam stubborn!!

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      1. No, never had a problem with anything like that. He was very gentle and calm. We went for a lot of walks on the street around cars and moving stuff from the time he was very young. And started his training at six months for obedience. Sometimes we kept him on a very short leash, about two feet long, just for greater control. He seemed to understand he could not get close to stuff with that short leash on so he never attempted it. We got lucky (maybe some hard work) and he took to obedience training well. All the way to advanced which is off leash work.

        Rots are very stubborn, that seems to be a trait. Baron did better with me than the wife in the listening department. Get our daughter around him and he would never get more than maybe five feet from her. Cute… I suppose that was the herding instinct along with Cadillac of guard dogs coming out in him.

        We got him because I was working a lot of overtime shifts and the wife felt comfortable with the dog around. Never knew until we owned one how great a family dog and pet they can me. Glad we decided at the time to not get the German Sheppard:)

        When I was walking him around crowds or busy streets I would pull him in closer and have him heal so he was not distracted, or worse yet, have something or someone jump out at him.

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      2. Yeah I think that’s where I screwed up… we lived on a winery… she ran a muck as a pup, she did work with me ever night I delivered meds to hospitals, and she was pretty good on a leash… but it was the middle of the night, nothing to run after… there is so much more now she is experiencing for the first time… I took my other dog with me every where always…. she just seemed happier chasing birds and running threw the grapes… I may need to get into some dog school with this one… I had done it so much with my parents dogs and my last dog was so easy… I thought I could do it myself with her, but I think maybe a big part of school is all the distractions it brings!! Thank you…. and yes she is obsessed with my daughter… when my kid wakes up I know because she starts winning two seconds later I her Ella yelling for me… they are joined at the hip!!!

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  3. The rock, WOW!!! Glad no one was in the way there!

    The Rott, sounds like you have a ‘hunter’, I do too! She is always close to the kids, protects and would never hurt a fly but she is a hunter. Things that move and things she is not used to seeing are going to bring out that instinct, IMO. You just need to put her into that same situation (on leash so as to be safe) as many times as possible and tell her ‘no’ or ‘leave it’, that’s what we use.

    Once she figures out that 1- it won’t hurt your daughter and 2- you don’t want her to get it, she’ll let it go! You need to stay calm and focused however, a hunter will sense your worry. Good Luck!
    And thanks for the like and follow! 😀 😀


      1. She’s likely protecting the family. When we acknowledge our Rott and then tell her ‘okay’ or ‘leave it’, she feels her job is done and she can socialize! LoL Everyone loves her, but she does need to be directed from us, first!

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