Day 8

Ok we are going to fast forward, to today. I don’t want to count on my smoked memory to get you to today and I just got this thing going yesterday. Yesterday we moved the trailer to Buffalo Bills State Park right on the water! Check out my pictures! So beautiful, Jim took the truck to work as I cleaned up and got the rest of our stuff un packed. Jim came home early and took us to Powel to pick up some Casings? I have no idea, but apparently they are detrimental to finishing this job on time! We all got home around 3pm BBQ up some burgers and hit the lake for some fishing, well Jim was fishing, maybe we would have caught something if I was behind the pole! The whole family had so much fun in the sun… now time to wind down and play some legos before bed πŸ˜‰ I love my little family!!!

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