Day 9

Aww man woke up with the worst kink in my neck! We have a real good mattress on our bed and even have a memory foam layer… but for some reason I still threw my neck out! No good! Anyways excited too see what today holds here in Wyoming, Jim’s off at the gym ( normal morning routine) and I’m patiently waiting for my little angel to wake up! She got sick last night, never fun, thank goodness I have plenty of extra sheets for her bed… never something to short yourself on when you have a two year old and no washer and dryer! Just did laundry yesterday, but looks like I may want to run down and do another load this morning… keeping up on the laundry is important to me, keeps the trailer cleaner and not as stinky…. same with dishes.. a few dirty dishes make the trailer look like a family of pigs live here…

So I got the trailer all cleaned up, did some more laundry… the lady that worked at the laundromat offered to writes letter stating I was living with her, so I can get a P.O. box and get new license plates! It’s true what “they” say, NO ONE likes California… except California lol… yesterday when we were in Powell we checked into a real estate office she ask where we were from I said I don’t like to tell people, her face grew cold and in a deep voice she said ” California” we all started laughing… but yeah people outside of Cali, really don’t like us!

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