Day 15

Ok, so I’m slacking a bit on my blogs, partly because not a soul has read them ( I have no idea what I am doing) and partly because I’ve been so busy having fun, well and an almost two year that hates not having my full attention every second! Now it’s nap time, first time she’s taken a nap in her bed and not in the car in days, getting her on a normal schedule is hard, especially when I have no flipping idea what the next day may bring! I’ve always been a bit of a control freak I guess, needing to plan everything and getting very upset when it doesn’t go my way, the way I planned it to go. I decided when I left CA I was going to fight that side of myself, after all Jim’s moto has always been ” it is what it is” he couldn’t plan something if his life depended on it, he is great at rolling with the punches and thinking quick on his feet, which is a regular day to day thing with the kinda work he does… we are literally exact opposite, in every way, but I guess some how it works!

So let’s catch you up… we enjoyed our 9 day stay at the Buffalo Bills State Park, if you get a chance to stay there, please do it… it is so beautiful! This last weekend my best friend from CA came to see me, she moved with her husband to North Dakota three years ago and I’ve only seen her once a year since…. I was 20 when we meet and we just clicked instantly, I soon turned 21 and her and I had some amazing times at the bar, I’m not sure why but every time we’d show up people just flocked to us… so of corse when she got her we had to re live our “prime” as she called it. We hit the local bar the Sliver Dollar and enjoyed some live music, 3 beers down and we were surrounded by amazing people… we both had men following us all over, buying us drinks, telling us we were beautiful… multiple men…. it felt like I was 21 again, but don’t worry, tho we both loved the attention we made it very clear we were taken… still didn’t stop the drinks from pouring in, my bar bill has never been so low!! We closed down the bars, which it’s a lot said when you realize for the last two years I go to sleep when Ella goes to sleep… shoot I go to sleep before the sun usually! Awww but to re live the glory days! The next day when Jimmy left for work I quick remembered why I don’t drink like that, vaguely remembered the shenanigans we were up too… placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://about that moment Ella woke up and again in was pounding in my head ” I’m an idiot ” but all and all a good time! Christy, Ella, and I decided to eat lol then take a drive down South Fork road, beautiful drive…. it was sad to say goodbye, but I plan to go see her on Memorial Day, never been to North Dakota, why not right? Sunday Jim woke me up early said he was going to pick his buddy up from the condo ( most of the other guys he works with share a condo on the other end of town) and we were headed to Yellowstone! I was so tired, not going to lie Friday night killed me lmao…. but I didn’t want to miss out! I had been once before with my parents when I was about 5, I remember bits and pieces but to see it all as an adult is a real treat! Looking at the beauty of that whole park, realizing it’s a volcano blows my mind… God is an awesome God! There was one place we stopped the buffalo where so close we could touch them…. we didn’t, we are much smarter than that… awww but the dumb people entertained us until the park ranger showed up and made everyone move.

It took awhile, we stopped at every stop spot we saw, but we soon arrived at Old Faithful…. beautiful I didn’t expect her to go for so long, almost 4 mins! Of corse the guys couldn’t help them selfs making dirty comments about…. well I’ll let your imagination fill in the dialogue! We finished the day off with a huge buffet dinner there at the Yellowstone lodge… big mistake! The food was amazing don’t get me wrong but when we set gps to get us home we had a 4 hour drive in front of us, it was already 6pm and I started out tired, again Jim and I both crash way early… it was already past our bed time! Ella was so tired she did not want to be in the car anymore…. long drive. We made it with little to no issues besides a whining baby, and a grouchy Jessie, Jim stayed his normal happy self and got us all home!

Monday rolled around and I realized we spent way to much money over the weekend… it may be hard to adjust to one check coming in instead of two…. we had to leave the park today ( Wednesday) because someone else had reserved our spot, and of corse we were way to broke to stay anywhere…. so here I sit at Walmart parking lot… the brakes had gone out on the trailer when we took it to the state park, so Jim just disconnected them so we could move it right down the road. I was also worried because a few days ago we went to dumb everything and when we tried sliding out the pop outs, the big one didn’t budge… jim spent at least 45 mins fixing that ( which is a long time for him to fix anything) but he got it out…. I wasn’t sure we’d get it out when we got to Walmart, serves me right not to have faith in my man… didn’t have a single problem! He’s so good, neither of us have ever traveled a lot or know anything about 5th wheels, he’s never worked on one in his life… but I guess when you hit the gift you got the gift cause he seemed to have fixed it! Now we got to get the brakes taken care of, that’s kinda a big deal… he said he’d figure it out this weekend… I’ve learned my lessons not going to doubt him!!

Well I think that’s about it, Miss my parents and a few friends from home but still not regretting my crazy decision to give it all up and follow the rocks! Apparently they are having a lot of trouble on this project, besides it’s so flipping dangerous…. Even Jim’s mentor Royce said that it was crazy they where up there the whole dam hill could come down at any second, they did lose a guy early this year before Jim started too…. but they can’t seem to get the wholes drilled deep enough, Jim’s been a little discouraged non of his hair brain ideas have worked… they always do. The big boss came to town yesterday and took them all to dinner, they all agreed they never would have made it this far without him, he literally saved this job for them… made him feel a little better, but he won’t stop until he figures it out… he will make this happen regardless the odds… just the kinda worker he is, one of the many reasons I love him so! Check out my pictures of Yellowstone… if anyone ever reads this lmao… if not maybe Ella Sue can ready it when she’s older lmao… well until next nap time!

** Side Note: if you are reading this, and like it, even a little, please send me any pointers, I can use all the help I can get!! Xoxox

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  1. Rving full time sounds like a lot of fun!! Keep writing about your adventures, you could teach a lot of people something! 😊 hahaha ohh boy, as a momma I always regret those drinks the next morning hahah. As for your blog, just keep at it!

    It’s hard being a new blogger and trying to get views and subscribers. Keep posting about your blog and promoting your posts! You’ll get there! In the meantime, enjoy yourself! You’re making amazing memories with your family!

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