Day 16

Welp generator that came with this trailer isn’t big enough to run the trailer, so after a day spent at Walmart with no power Jim decided it best we move the trailer to the condo where the rest of the crew is staying. Now we have power plus when the boys all go to work I get a real shower! It’s kinda nice, my favorite laundromat is right across the street, gas station and a couple fast food places… I just hope this doesn’t get the company in trouble having a big 5th wheel in the parking lot! The boys already got a bit to tipsy and fought each other last week, apparently they where running up and down the street cussing in the wee morning hours, didn’t make the neighbors to happy! I guess that happens when you live, work, play together… mixed with a little booze that’s a recipe for disaster! Oh corse they all love each other again and work seems to be moving along.

I got a call from my mama this morning saying Dad was in the hospital. I’m crushed. They think he may have had a heart attack… I’d never forgive myself if he left this world without me by his side… I’m 23 hours away if I drive fast, but let’s face it with a two year, a dog, and not much money I might as well be on the other side of the planet…. I talked to him for a minute he seemed in good spirits, hoping to come home tomorrow… but if he has another surgery ( he had a 6 way bypass 3 years ago now) I will be home for that! It’s killing me sitting here wondering/ worrying. I love my dad so much, I always was, and always will be a daddy’s girl, please pray for him… He needs all the extra prayers he can get!!

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