Day 20

Long Mother’s Day weekend for us here, full of new friends and exciting events! Friday I got meet Bens wife! She drove 13 hours just to spend a couple days with her husband… yes the life of a Rock Falls wife isn’t easy either! She left Thursday morning from Washington and drove straight here to Wyoming. Friday I left her a note to call me when she wakes up and we can go to lunch, maybe have a few drinks… so we did. I soon found out I wasn’t the only one out there with concerns, it’s not easy having your man so far away from home, you may end up spending all night with awful thoughts running threw your head, from tears to anger and back to tears from one simple text msg that wasn’t received. The guys, of course, don’t understand… they think we are all nuts, but when your sitting in another state waiting on a call or a text and it doesn’t come… so you call and they don’t answer… oh man! The worst always pops up first, they met someone else, they don’t care anymore to they got hurt or even died today!! It isn’t in our nature to think they just worked hard and passed out right after work, which is always the case… I guess as a woman we don’t understand how they could “forget us” like that…. but to men it isn’t that they forgot us, it’s simply they were tired so they went to sleep… why us women have such complicated minds I will never understand! Anyway… we bonded over lunch and some drinks and decided to come back to the condo ( where the trailer is parked) and drink another… we had a nice buzz going by the time the boys returned home and they decided to join us, well not Jim, he’s a one on one kinda guy he doesn’t drink and isn’t a fan of drunk people, especially me lol… he put the baby to bed and let me hangout with his friends! We had a blast playing poker, crapper, acdc… and a few other games! One of the guys, Joe made some amazing clam chowder and steak, and I really got to know Jim’s crew a lot better! They are all good guys, strong, courages men far away from home leaning on each other as families would… they love each other like brothers, and are very tight which is so cool to see in person! I finally got to bed around 2am.

630am came to soon!! Jim had us up and moving… Today was the day I had been waiting for since I got here, The Cody Horse Auction!!! I know, I know… sounds boring, but not to me! Of corse it was the coldest rainyest day here yet but we bundled up and headed to the Irma for a quick bite before the sale. I’d been looking at these horses for a few weeks now and I couldn’t wait to see them in real life! They were perfect every one of them, good solid broke horses, ponies and drafts… everyone was broke to do dam near anything… the trainers got there money for them tho $31,000 for the second one up, a big black and white paint draft, I think he was 4? He could do anything! My favorite a blue roan went for about 7,500 if my memory serves me correctly… but man how I would have love one of those horses! My favorite part of the auction had to have been the pledge of allegiance everyone stood. Everyone put there hand over there heart. And apparently in some places like Wyoming they don’t leave God out, probably why this place is so amazing!

Now Sunday was Mother’s Day, I knew we were broke and wasn’t expecting anything, but I woke up to beautiful mini roses a new coffee cup, filled with fresh coffee! Again Jim hurried us alone so we could start our day … off to breakfast and then to Billings Montana!

Billings was much bigger than I expected, but so beautiful!! We took a little drive up top this big hill that over looked the whole town! Then we hit a place called Scheels… what a treat never heard of that place before… it was a giant sports store filled with everything you need for anything sporty along with fun photo opts and finished off with some delicious nuts and a Ferris wheel.. What?!? Yes right in the middle of the store! We all had blast! And worked up an appetite so we went to Bullmans Pizza, delicious!! By this time it was about 4pm so we decided to head home… 6pm is Jim’s bed time after all lmao!!


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