Day 22

Welp, once again we were kicked out of the condo… well the trailer was! Apparently even tho we were not blocking the “nightly rental” next door, the guys cars were. It’s cool because I recently remembered I have the internet, so I looked up and found a beautiful place to park on BLM, well really close anyway, we’d have trouble getting the trailer up much further… I’m sure Jim could and would do it… but I have enough grey hairs! It’s a beautiful spot, a few downsides being we have to run the generator… which is loud, and we are at the base of a hiking/ 4×4 trail to get to cave a lot of people like to check out! The boys took all there gear up there and went all threw the cave, jumping of cliffs and crawling threw tiny holes… I’d say they explored it the right way lol! Anyways with the weather getting warmer more and more people head up the hill… so I still don’t get to try out my outside shower, but one day!!

Yesterday Ella and I headed over to the Rec Center… wow there rec center here in Cody is fantastic! Full blown gym, basketball courts, volleyball courts, racket ball courts… oh and a big heated indoor pool, with a giant 6″-3ft section equipped with a mini water slide In the shape of a fish, a giant water slid and all the fun water toys a kid could ask for… Ella, my fearless 2yr old, was horrified… figures! We swam for 40 mins or so, but she wouldn’t let go of me, not going to lie, I enjoyed the squeezing, and hugging 😛

Wanted to hit the dam today, but Ella started getting a little fussy so we headed in for an early nap… which doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment… I’m hoping it will be a quick one, ive been wanting to get to the dam since we got here!!

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