Day 23

Awwww the peace in the morning, so amazing, that is until hikers start flooding in…. then comes the 4×4…. entertainment at its finest!

So Ella tripped yesterday and hit her lip pretty good.. scared the crap out of me! I’m still a little traumatized! Luckily I had my oils, which I don’t talk about to much because that’s not what this site is about and I don’t want you thinking I’m trying to sell them to you! I grab the owie oil for kids, put a drop on her lip and almost instantly the bleeding stopped… I now keep it in a small roller bottle with a little coconut oil so she can apply it her self as lip stick… it’s been 24 hours and it’s heeling well! My poor fat lip baby… I’m truly in for it this kid is a wild one!!

Jim’s off today, they are getting close to finishing up and need the shot creat to dry before the next step. Instead of sleeping in or taking it easy he’s up at his usual 4am hits the gym, then comes home and started working on the trailer brakes… in case I didn’t mention they went out on us when we first got here, so he disconnected them until he had a free moment to see what was going on. Apparently it was a pain in the ass, but as always he figured it out… haven’t tested them yet but he confident they are good to go! Such a handy man…. I’d never in a million years do this crazy adventure if I didn’t have him to save the day anytime something went wrong, which is fairly often!

Nap time now, baby’s down Loretta is down, Jim is down… that’s why I’m here chatting with you fine people… I guess when they all wake up we are headed to pan for some gold… one of our favorite past times… cross your fingers for us!!

Well didn’t end up panning today… instead we went shopping for some new ( first pair ever) hiking boots for me!! Time to get my ass back in shape… I mean my baby is two… that excuse starts losing merit right about now, plus I love myself a lot more when I can walk up a hill with dying… I mean shoot, don’t tell anyone but I was struggling in Yellowstone… as Jim literally runs by me with the baby strapped to his back!! 😒

So off to bed now… the storm hit well we were napping I heard some thunder and the rain, but I was just informed two tornado hits here somewhere… not in town I’m sure. The weather didn’t seem to crazy to me, they said to expect thunder storms… but a tornado! Oh man, that has this Cali chick living in a 5th wheel a little scared! Lol

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  1. How wonderful to be living in a free-style world. I think my husband and I were happiest when we traveled around the country for 6 years in an RV. So many fantastic people in this country and you are one of them! Thank you so much for finding and following my blog. It’s an honor and I hope to get to know you better as I read more of yours. If your husband had been born 100 years ago, I bet he’d be working on Mt. Rushmore.. 🙂


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