Day 24

Hello there… took me a day to get this post out, sometimes it’s hard to find a minute to sit down without all the distractions!

So because they couldn’t do anything until the shot creat dried… and it’s been raining the last two days, Jim got today off too! He got us up early… as usual ( no rest for the weary) and took us for a family drive to Stillwater, Montana! Apparently before I got here Jim did a bid for his company on a job out there and lost the bid, he wanted to check it out and see what the company that got the bid was doing and how they handled the incredibly difficult job…. he’s always trying to better himself! So incredibly beautiful there… being from the central coast, CA, I love rushing rivers, green grass, and snowy mountains… only because I rarely saw any of that back at home!!

On the way there we stopped at this old abandoned mine, and when I started reading the board, a tear fell from my eye… such an awful tragedy! I feel for the families of these brave men. It’s scary to think it was just another day for them headed off to work to make a living for their family… but they never came home that day… I felt bad finding beauty in the old broken down mine that claimed so many lives!

By the time we arrived at the job site, Ella was out cold, she’s so cute when she’s asleep 😊. There were no signs of the other company anywhere, and they hadn’t even started the job, which made us both wonder why? Was it harder than originally thought? Was it to expensive for the city to have done? Why have they not started yet, this job was supposed to start two weeks ago! Either way I know Jim will call around to his “friends” in all the other companies and figure it out… I’m hope we get to take a trip out there again… I could imagine it be rough during the winter months, but man how I like to ride out there… race the river, climb the hills on a good strong horse! Or maybe just lay in the grass and enjoy all the spring time smells!

We took a different road back, saw a lot more of Montana… I even picked up a real estate book ( one can dream) to my surprise there where a few awesome chunks of property with houses on them that where very reasonable 150,000ish scared among million dollar properties… maybe one day when we settle!!

Today ( day 25) won’t be all that exciting, laundry day, cleaning day… what I had plan to do Thursday before I knew Jim would be off! He is back at work today running tests on all the work he has down, fingers crossed it worked out I know how much trouble this job was for the guys!!

a beautiful bald eagle and nest! What a treat!The supposed job site…. just a little mudon the truck, lmao why he washed it this morning I have no idea! Such a great tasting Montana beer! Mmm

a few small Wyoming towns we passed threw on our way home!

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