Day 25

I lied. I know I said it was going to be a rather boring day today, with laundry and cleaning… but oh no, is it even possible to have a boring day in Wyoming? So far the verdict is no… even when you try!

Ok so I got all the clothes and sheets and blankets together and took them to the truck, as I was walking back to the camper I saw another truck pulling in… not unusual… this is a very loved trail. I proceeded to let Ella out to run around with Loretta ( who now has to be on a leash because she like to chase cars and people… well everything) and as I was cleaning up my beautiful Mother’s Day flower the darn dog had chewed up, I see a lady get out of the truck with a large ice chest… I notice some writing on the truck, looked like a city truck…. well shoot, time to look for another spot that’s the city coming to say we can’t camp here or some crap like that! She starts walking over to me leaving her ice chest next to her truck… yep, here it goes…. she doesn’t look to friendly! She asked if I was going to be around long… ” Well, awww I—-” I stuttered. ” is your dog always on a leash? Can you please keep her on a lead today?” She asked… well sorta demanded…. ” yeah sure of corse, what’s going on?” I was so relieved! ” well” she says ” I’m here to hide body parts, ive got a head over there and just a few limbs and piece to hide around here and up the trail a bit” she didn’t even blink….. “oh… awww ok, well I’m going to take the dog with me to do laundry right now… awww um is it recognizable? I’d rather my daughter not have to see this” honestly I was jumping out of my skin and wanted to grab my kid and jump in the car, I did however slowly take a few steps back to where Loretta was right by my side… she was already barking like crazy….. ” ok” she said well we are testing the cadaver dog around 11… we should be done about 12-1pm, will you be gone the whole time” ” absolutely, headed out now, thank you for the heads up” my mind still spinning… what the hell just happened? Did she really just say she is going to hide body parts all over my campsite? Oh man, I quickly got the dog and kid in the car and I was gone… just now getting home at 4pm, I wanted to make sure they where way done, I didn’t want to catch them if they where running behind schedule… ewwww!

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