Day 26

What an amazing day we had today… started out boring… a trip to the local hardware store for some replacement screen. Our dog destroyed our screen our very first day here, luckily for me I have Jim! After that we came home to give Ella a nap… I try so hard to keep a strong routine for her! But then when she woke up, it was on!

We parked at the bottom, and started our walk, Ella had already had her poop, and the road didn’t look that long so I didn’t think anything of it when we started our journey….. rookie mistake! About a 1/2 mile down she does her poop face, Jim ran to the truck grabbed her diapers and wipes… here’s to the moms changing poopy butts in the bushes on a trail!! I shoved the other one and the wipes in my back pocket. We continue on our way! The water was so powerful, it’s literally impossible to show all the beauty and power this river holds in a few photos…. but I took them anyway 😝

Jim explained to us how the water seeps three the rocks, freezes which makes it expand and breaks giant cracks in the rocks…. this process continues until you have a rock slid…. giant chucks of Rocky Mountain falling to the ground or river! He also showed us the different layers in the rocks, he told a they are called veins… what every they are they where so incredibly beautiful… pink granite, pyrite( fools gold) too many to list…. I even thought struck gold well digging out some of the sand built up in one of the giant cracks…. but it was fools gold… sure fooled me! We saw some previous rock work done, drill marks, core samples taken( apparently I wasn’t the only one that thought there was gold in them there mountains), lots and lots of free climbs….. we even saw a climber going at it!! Scary stuff!!

About half way down the trail we ran out of water, so Jim decided to fill our bottle up with river water… it was hot… how bad could it be? He climbed down a random, old, rusty, sketchy ladder and brought up delicious ice cold water… I’m pretty picky about water, I don’t know why ever since I was little I’ve liked good bottle water… I’m sure it was full of unhealthy minerals, but it was clear as bottled water and I swear it was the best water I’ve ever drank!!

We came up to a power plant they had cut the hill back to build ( Jim wished he could have done that project, later found out it was -16 degrees for days at a time and it took a whole year to complete… even then he was jealous) the power plant used the water to make electricity, sucking it in and spitting it out….. it was pretty cool!

We walked all the way down to the dam, exploring the rocks as we walked. I can’t stress enough how powerful this river is, not a good place to swim… tho I was tempted! The mist of the water shooting out from the dam felt amazing… the old tunnels made by hand years ago that lead to the bottom of the dam where something out of a story book! I’d have to say, if you ever make it to Wyoming…. don’t leave with out taking this hike/ walk… I wouldn’t call it a hike… it’s a paved road… but a long up and down walk lol! Took us nearly 4 hours to finish, of corse we were in no hurry…. and half way back Ella decided to poop on us again! Thank goodness for that backup I had in my pocket!! Once again I had her lay down in the bushes and started changing her diaper… as soon as I got it opened up to see what we were dealing with, trying to hurry because I felt like a crappy mom changing my baby’s butt in the bushes… either that or on rocks, bushes seemed a little less child abusive… a big family walked around the corner and both parents started laughing… they had 4 kids ranging from 1-5…. they explained they had down the exact same thing 100+ time on this trail! I was felt a lot better… I mean what else was I supposed to do? Lol!

By the time we got home it was already 7pm I made a quick dinner and put Ella to bed…. so yeah last night was the first night she slept all the way threw even slept in late… I may start doing this walk everyday!!

The old historic road.

The power plant… you can see the drill marks on the rock behind it ( the job Jim wished he could have been a part of)

The powerful Shoshone River!

Down by the bottom of the dam!

Just some pure beauty I had to attempt to capture 😝

Jim retrieving us amazing water… Loretta had to photo bomb!

The free climber team…. crazy people! Lol

One of the caves… the inside old brackets keeping it together!

A bunch of cool rocks! You can see the granite in one…. so pretty… image the counter tops you could make lol

Me, happy I didn’t die from being so out of shape!! Lol

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