Day 29

Almost a month on the road!! Maybe I should start coming up with more creative titles! Nothing exciting has happened the last two days… yesterday was waste dump day, then we sat at the yard and watched to boys pack up a few things. Looks like we will only be here in Wyoming for another day or two then off to Montana!

Now I was already excited about visiting Montana, but now I can’t wait! Sure it will be bitter sweet I LOVE Wyoming!! It’s not for everyone but a country girl like myself feels right at home here!! Now back to Montana, I thought I was crazy leaving CA packing up the kid and the dog to live in a 5th wheel…. never really knowing where we are headed to next… guess what guys, I am not the old one!!!! Oh I am so excited!! Turns out there are a few other families that did the same thing! They are already at the job in Montana and camping together at the healing mines? Idk but it sounds awesome…. other moms, other kids Ella’s age…. I cannot wait to meet them!! Silly to think I was the only one, however other companies Jim has work for in the past seemed to be made up of single young guys, non of which had families and if they did they were usually divorced and their kids live with mom in some other state!! I feel like these people could be my tribe!! Lol, the down side we won’t be there long, then off to Oregon…. but this gives me hope, if there are a few in Montana, maybe there will be one or two in Oregon? Or maybe one or all of the families will get transferred to Oregon at some point? They tend to move people around frequently depending on jobs and the strengths of each worker!! Fingers crossed guys, I love be on the road with my family… but it does get a little lonely sometimes…. and it sure would be nice to have a date night just me and my man…. I’ve got to know someone before I’d leave my baby with them, and of corse I’d return the favor….. anyways here’s hoping!! I have a feeling the next few posts will be something you don’t want to miss… keep following!!! Xoxox

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