Day 34

We were off! Off to Butte, Montana, Earth Angel Healing Mine. The trip: 5 1/2 hours… taking it slow since Jim had a three day weekend, but I couldn’t wait to get there and meet other road moms with crazy husbands… 4 hours into Montana and Jim’s phone starts beeping… ” We are going to have you guys stay in Wyoming until the meeting Tuesday, just in case they change there minds”

You see, a rockfall project is designed by engineers, then the rockfall crew comes in and makes it happen, basically builds the design. Well, the engineers on this project didn’t do all there homework and over looked the fact there is no place to buy 40ft mesh without seems… the longest is 36ft, but to make it even the best way would be to get two 20ft and weld them together, causing a seem. So when the guys took the mesh up the hill and it didn’t fit in place, they knew they had a problem. To fix the problem they needed the city to approve the 2 20ft pieces…. which somehow could have lost all funding for the whole project, not just the rockfall portion… so they denied it Friday. They did schedule a telephone conference to bring in the big guns and discuss this and other issues… mostly just to fill everyone in… and Jim’s boss wanted to have his men there ready in case they change there mind. That’s readers digest version, of corse I really have no idea what I am talking about… this is just what I’ve put together talking to all the different crews out here working.

So I was bummed we had to turn around, Andrew, the crew leader lives in Montana and suggested we stay at the Gallatin National Forest about an hour back towards Cody….. oh my gosh guys, I want to live here!!

I have so many pictures of this place it’s hard to pick which ones to publish!! It was hot when we got there… well we were setting up camp we were sweating, something I haven’t done since I left California… get a big beautiful fire going, baby in bed and crack!!! Beautiful lighting across the sky, then thunder.. about 10 mins after we got the fire going it was pouring!! So we retreated inside and watched the show in the sky until we both fell asleep! We woke up to a drizzle but perfect hiking weather… exploring all around our camp area. Then we packed up and headed out, but stopped by the water fall on the way out and hiked all around and down it!! Breath taking!

Because we didn’t have phone service, and Jim was worried he’d miss the call from his boss we started heading back to Cody, planing on staying in the Sunlight basin once we got there. Sure enough as soon as we got service his phone was going crazy ” well these drills are a mess and I could really use you on at yard getting everything ready for this Oregon job, so after we see what is happening there in Cody Tuesday I’ll have you come straight here” Man I wanted to cry… I so badly wanted to meet the other moms!! But I will at some point, they have everyone moving around a lot… this will just be a new adventure for us!

After that poop news we headed to the Basin for the last of our 3 day weekend… but we kept going and ended up at the Shoshone National Forest… Also amazingThe next morning we packed up and headed to Cook city, a very small old mining town of 140 people… one school house… only 4 kids last year? What? All different ages of corse! Wow! It was very high up and still pretty snowy… I wonder if they ever see the ground without snow.. super cool little town and if you find yourself near it stop by, it’s worth the drive! But because it’s so small, and so far from any big town everything is very very expensive so come with food… they wanted $41 for hi def fluid… it’s only $7 at Walmart… just a heads up. I guess if you think about it they need to make money somehow and I’m pretty sure that town is only open maybe 3 months out of the year? Any way… zoom in on the pic of the old mine contracts… a real bit of history right there and so cool to read!!!!

After our exploring we dropped the trailer in the yard in Cody and headed over to the condo for showers… we started having some small trailer problems… like the trailer brakes and the water heater… Jim’s fixing that now well we wait on this ridiculous meeting…. Ready to get on the road!

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    1. As long as I can hang, when Ella
      Gets older if we are still at this I will home school, tho I would like to pick a state and neighborhood we like and get some property so we can pay it off now and slowly start building our home… he can do this work forever… it’s hard!

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  1. According to the historical contract with the date May 7, 1910 at the picture, I guess- as far as I can see- that place was expensive at old days.:)

    Good sharings! Also, thanks for following my blog, and have a good journey for your adventure!


  2. Cody was where we saw our first rodeo. Interesting but can’t help thinking that it involves a degree of cruelty to the animals. Wouldn’t pay to see another but as we stayed overnight in their car park I shouldn’t complain too much. Montana though is a beautiful state, we loved it.

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    1. It really is, I truly enjoyed the people in Wyoming, very old fashion kinda of folks… and I’d have to agree Montana is, in my opinion one of the most beautiful states in the country!


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