My tribe

We’ve covered a lot of ground the last few days, and are now here in Glide, Oregon! A very very tiny town outside of Roseburg (which is also pretty small). We left Wyoming and headed to Oregon got a call to stop off in Montana for a few days after all so Jim could help with some scaling ( knocking rocks of hills) he hates it, but I couldn’t be happier because I’d finally get to meet some of the other moms crazy like me! May only be a few days, but at least we got to stop!

There where 3 other moms there, and one very soon to be first time mom which I was unable to meet! I met up with other 3 and all the kids… 5 between the 3 of them… and one of them was about to have baby number 3! I had so many questions, I tried to control myself so I wouldn’t scare the off lol! I found all the girls had grown up here in Glide with most of the crew… and most of the rest of the crews wives… non of them live in their rv full time, they came and left as they pleased with the kids… but non of them worked well on the road. I was hoping I’d find some get tips on a side hustle… but nothing lol. They told me they usually all have a big dinner together when the boys get off, every one usually stays for dinner before heading back to their room/ trailer. That’s like 20 plus guys! Unfortunately it rained the two nights we stayed and I didn’t get to participate in the big dinner, which Jim would have hated lol. Ella and I hung out for lunch, bubbles and rock painting, she loved the other kids and they were so sweet to her!!! One of the other moms had an oil addiction too so we instantly hit it off… Got to love Young Living Essential OiLs!!! The next morning that same mom and me took a hike to the top of the mountain to watch the guys work! Of corse Jim was on the rock knockin then back! ( video above) Unfortunately, I’m a bit slow and every time I’d put my phone down he’d knock a giant one down so I only got the little stuff falling!

We were in Basin, MT another tiny tiny town between Billings and Butte about 40 mins from Montana’s capital, Helena. There was a few healing mine, including where we stayed ( Merry Widow). The mines were full of Radon… a form of radiation, I guess…. yeah, I’m good on all that, thanks anyway. We checked out Butte first, and the next day Helena. Butte was a cool city, tho in most people’s opinion it would be a normal size town lol… Helena didn’t even seem that giant to me… but I have spent a bit of time in LA, CA lol

Basin, MT

Butte, MT

Sorry Just some random pic lol and here’s some more just random stuff on our way to Oregon 😉

Missoula, MT

Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho


Oh yeah then this happened… what a way to finish of two big days of traveling. With our destination 4 hours ahead of us, Jim quickly changed the tire so we could get to Glide and get some dinner lol! Luckily he caught it right away and didn’t damage the rim at all!

… Now our first day here in Glide… well I went to do laundry and there was no quarters, the coffee shops next door didn’t have enough and the Dollar General has a policy against giving change… so I took all my laundry to Roseburg, again no quarters… I was able to buy some at the bar next door… if I wasn’t I would have given up and we would have all worn dirty clothes all week!! Lol. All in all I love this tiny town it’s beyond beautiful here it’s warm… and very county, I wouldn’t mind settling here, as long as I never needed quarters 😉

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