Gliding Threw

So one more night here in Glide, OR. It’s so beautiful here, wish we could stay longer.. 4 night isn’t enough!! Yesterday we made friends! We took a morning trip to the jungle gym, in the super awesome camp ground his boss got us, and Sarah and her daughter Hazely pulled up shortly after we got there… We got to talking well the girls played, next thing you know we hung out again today. Hazely is 5 but Ella just adored her, and Hazely was so cool to Ella holding her hand and pointing out all the cool spots in town… it was super awesome! Ella and Loretta played in the beautiful river that runs around the camp… so amazing, and perfect warm weather about 75 or so…

So I feel like I can tell you guys This because we are friends right? I’m not going to lie I’m really dreading our next stop. Oregon City. I thought it was out in the hills, but from what I am hearing it’s a big city… Big cities are cool when you can take a day trip, and then return to your quiet remote camp site… but to stay in a trailer with the dog and unruly toddler… HELP! I’ve got to take Loretta every where we go, cause if I leave her in the trailer she will destroy it, if I leave her tied up she will bark and squeal like she’s going to die… I really can’t win! And then there is Ella… I love her so much but this kid… if things aren’t exactly how she wants them… oh goodness, hair brushing.. enough said, point is I feel horrible for anyone in ear shot… lmao But I guess it’s all part of the adventure, it may be a bit of a challenge but I’m determined to make ever stop better than the last.. I’m sure we will see some amazing beauty there and have a great time!

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  1. sounds like an ongoing life adventure. i love collecting rocks, but that’s as close as i can come. here’s to his keeping the roads safe and welcome to my blog – i look forward to reading more of yours too – beth


    1. Lol, totally cool there is so many mistakes in every one of my blogs, lol I try not to re read them, if I do my head gets going and it will never get published… so between spelling and grammar… ooooh and the type o’s they are pretty bad lol!! Thank you for the comments!! Look forward to reading your blog!!

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