A Different Type of Beautiful

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since my last blog…. I am so sorry, sometimes life just takes over, that and a almost two year old refusing to give me 5 secs on my phone. Her big birthday party is next week, thank goodness for her nana who planned and paid for it, even a rental car to get us home!

We are here in Oregon City…. but my heart is stuck in Wyoming. I’m not going to lie, I don’t like it here even a little bit, but I am bound and determined to make the best of it, after all we are stuck here until September and we don’t know yet where we will go after this. There are so many things that make me want to get away from here, I’m hoping after a week home I can come back with a better attitude and find the good here!

Our first day here, we came in late ( about 7pm) we couldn’t find a single place to put our trailer so we stayed at a truck stop for the night and came back in the morning. We were lucky enough to find a spot at the Clackamette RV Park right on the river, it’s beautiful here, but it’s right down town which means there isn’t a day that goes by we don’t see a looney walk by talking to them self. We can only stay here for 10 days, problem is there is absolutely no other place within a half hour of the job that we can stay park this darn thingy here I go getting ahead of myself that’s today’s problem, let’s go back to day one here in this “city”…. After getting our trailer set up we decided to drive around a bit and get any idea of what was around, gas stations, grocery stores etc. two blocks away from our campsite we see a extremely large man with his butt hanging out…. ok, that’s not that strange as we pass him we can help but notice his butt was hanging out because his paints where down and he was playing with him self, right there on the side walk in the middle of town…. oh my gosh get me out of here!! I spent the next 5 mins keeping Jim from turning around and hurting that guy, I lost but luckily when we did turn around the jerk was gone!

So with that hot image in our minds, we continued on to the big city of Portland… not to bad, lots of people… they had just had their annual rose parade and people were gathered in the main park for a festival…. when we saw a big old riot break out… Jim got us out of there quick, we had Ella with us of corse, but you better believe if we hadn’t had our sweet baby girl we both would have been in the middle of it standing up for the country our fathers and fathers father had fought for!! I think it’s sick the way people act when it comes to our flag and stand for the pledge I personally think we are big trouble now that God has been taken out of our pledge… some people just didn’t do well in History apparently…. they say history has a way of repeating its self, which is dumb because we could learn from passed mistakes, but instead we choose to repeat them… So anyway all and all our first day here was rather eventful to say the least.

Getting ready for our trip home Ella and I will be leaving daddy the day before Father’s Day so that I can spend Father’s Day with my daddy… Jim of corse we as all for that, saying he will in enjoy the peace and quite…. but we better come back! Hopefully our little bed full down a bit here, but you never know what can happen in the city!!!

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  1. Wow, sounds exciting …We left it so much later to start our journey around the world but I do wish we had taken the plunge much sooner…Thank you for the follow ..Enjoy your travels 🙂

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    1. It took so pushing, I didn’t want to quit my job and do something that was “unsure” but I realized you only live once, I could spend it away from my love struggling and raising our daughter on my own, or we could be together as a family… why it took me so long to quit working ridiculous long hours and hit the road, where I am spoiled beyond belief and get to spend each day with my beautiful daughter learning new things together I don’t know lol… but so far it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!!! Thank you for the follow, any pointers??

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  2. I like Oregon, especially the coastline in the summer. It is a long drive for us but we would do it again because it is beautiful plus we saw whales. Also we enjoyed the July 4 festivities, and even visited a small town closeby where they had a low key parade and then pancake breakfast. My son and I shared a table with locals and it was fun and everyone was warm and welcoming. One local was surprised, he had lived there over a year and hadn’t seen any whales, and we saw them every day.

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  3. Aside from a Rotty in a 5th wheel, your life doesn’t sound crazy to me. Then again you likely have more room to run that pup than many families. And talk about a proven security system! I too moved around a lot with my four sons. It was much easier when we were all young and strong a long time ago. Even so, I still have never lived anywhere more than three years in my life. It’s been a grand adventure. I only experience occasional, momentary regret when visiting daughters-in-law that have lived in the same towns their entire lives. I look forward to catching up with your story! Your new friend, Roo ❤

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    1. It was a little scary leaving the town I’ve lived in my whole life, but I’m so happy I did!! 4 sons!! WOW, now that alone is crazy lol thank you so much for the follow and I too look forward to reading about your adventures

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