Birthday Month

I remember when I was little as soon as July hit I was excited… we celebrated my birthday all month long, usually we would have a big party, but I’d get presents threw out the month…. so of corse I’m doing the same thing for my daughter…. the big trip home and birthday party extravaganza was over but I still had one more trick up my sleeve… maybe it was more for me than her, but I knew she’d love it!

After being back on the road for two days, we got word from the boss man the boys couldn’t work the week of the 4th because the city was afraid it would cause to much traffic… so we headed back to Glide on the 1st. I was overly excited not only is Glide beautiful and low key I had recently tracked down a zoo my parents took me to as a child that was only and hour away!! This isn’t any old zoo…. no no, this is the coolest zoo I’ve ever been too!! It is a petting zoo full of baby animals!! Oh yes I’m talking about the Game wild life safari in Bandon, OR. They are a breeding zoo, that breads and trains animals that are born in captivity and then send them out to other zoos, or nature preserves!! I couldn’t wait to take Ella there, and her Birthday month is the perfect time to do it!! I still remember when my parents took me I think I was maybe 6ish then… I remember thinking that I wanted to live there and love on all the baby animals everyday!! As a visitor to the zoo, you could buy food to feed the deer goats and donkey that ran free threw out the park…. the grain cane in an ice cream cone that the animals could also eat! As soon as you walk in they swarm you cause they can smell the food… that was the coolest part by far… I think it scared Ella a bit, but as the day went on she was chasing the baby deers threw the park, pretty sure she was responsible for a stampede or two lol!

We walked threw the park and saw everything they had out, the big old bear, elk, strange sheep…. oh yes and of corse they had the tiger… they even had a white tiger!!! The leopards and the big sleeping lion… the list goes on. Now these animals where what they used for breeding and where not out for us to pet, just for us to see… and it is so amazing to see a white tiger up close… they are truly beautiful creatures…. and very playful…

Once we walked threw the park we came to the “show” area this is where they would bring out baby or young animals for everyone to see well they fed them, then if you were lucky like us you got to pet them as well!! We got to pet a baby raccoon, a beautiful mink, and of corse Ella’s favorite the baby rarrrr lol

We had such a wonderful time and I can’t wait to go back to see what they have in store for us next time!!!

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