So little time

Wow it’s been way to long!! I’m going to do my best never to wait so long again, but I’m not making any promises! I’ve been so busy! Last week we headed home ( California) for my beautiful baby girls 2nd birthday, and we were swamped with friends and family that missed us, we tried to get everyone in with short amount of time we were there, but we did miss some dear friends that we didn’t get to see! Ella had an amazing birthday party tho surrounded by everyone she loves, except dad of corse who stayed behind and worked his buns off in Oregon city well we were gone ( 12 10 hour days in a row). We were able to hit the beach, and my favorite lake ( Santa Margarita) for a little fishing… and Ella caught her first bass!! That’s my girl!!!

We got out for a beautiful summer ride… truly all Ella wanted for her birthday was a good ride on Lindy, she loves that old mare… but I stole her for pictures so she HAD to ride Jack for a little bit too… she didn’t mind that much hehehe!

Great bonding time with my mama too!! Danielle, my moms bestie and landmark/landlord and her daughter Ginger are family for sure, Ginger has always been a big sister to me and so to share this special moment ( Ella’s first big trail ride) was amazing!!

After 3 days with my parents we headed further South to Santa Maria to spend some time with Nana ( Jim’s mom) and prepare for the big Birthday extravaganza!! We had a wonderful visit with her, Papa ( Bill, her husband) is an amazing BBQ-er and fed us some outstanding tortillas and artichokes, we got to swim every night in their giant hot tub… jump on the giant trampoline and play with all the pups… and of corse shopping was a must as well!!

I really wish I would have snapped some more pic, but I was already so tired lol I didn’t really think about it! The weather is always perfect in Santa Maria… and I really just enjoyed sitting out side well Ella and Nana ran around with playing… poor nana had to be beat after we left lol! It was all worth it the finished product was amazing, I’m not going to lie I really didn’t do much this was all nana… from the decoration to the park to the food to the gift bags nana out did herself yet a again and we are so blessed to have her!! Really all I did was the skirt, I decided last year I was going to make her one every year as her birthday outfit, and yes I will make her wear it when she gets older!!

Well the drive home was a whopping 15 hour drive + stop time which with a dog and a kid was often, so instead of leaving when she woke up like I did on the way home, I decided to leave after the birthday party and drive threw the night! I was a courier for years and drove in the night and I kinda miss it, plus with a sleeping child and a sleeping dog we rarely had to stop… I was about dead when we got back, but we made it!!

The new campsite I had gotten us was beyond beautiful, Barton Park, we got a spot right on the pond!! The bugs were bad but it was sure nice to be in nature again and out of the city! Yes, it was a longer drive to drop Jim at work in the morning… and he hated it because they lock the gates at 10 pm and don’t open them until 6am!! Some days we had to park outside of the gate aways away from the gate just so jim could get to work on time, but when we got back we started our day off with a beautiful walk around the pond…. even snagged some wild blackberry’s!!!

On our way home one day we saw this deer… I’m not sure if it’s a rare breed or just an odd ball but I always get excited when I see an animal I’ve never seen before…. if anyone has any ideas of what they would call this deer please let me know!!

Well I think I’m going to end this post here… I’ve got some much more to share but I need to get a post out…. Oregon is sorta growing on me, although I don’t think this is where we want to make home… it is a pretty cool state to visit 💋

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  1. Thanks for the follow! We have similar spirits of adventure. But you are blessed to do it with your baby! We waited until we retired. We’re sorry we didn’t do this when we were young-but it’s helping us stay young! At least that’s what we’re telling ourselves! 😁

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      1. Who knows I may end up home school for a year or two!! We will see what happens… but we are certainly having the time of our lives and I feel so blessed to be able to be with her everyday!!


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