First of all, I’d like to say thank you to anyone and everyone who has fought for this great country, you are the real hero! I’ve had many friends that have given there time to serve, and I even have a friend that is over seas now. I come from a long line of brave men on both sides of the family and I don’t feel our troops could ever receive enough thanks! For everything you’ve given up, everything you’ve done for this great country and the things you had to endure thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Being in Glide for the 4th was wonderful, apparently it was graffiti week! Not exactly what you may be thinking, it was a week full of old cars and rat rods ( which I love). We start our day with a big delicious breakfast at Elmer’s in Roseburg, then headed out to find Little Lake in the Woods… we stopped off about 30 mins into it to take a little hike and of corse check out some big old rocks!!

It was so hard to capture the whole hill mountain in one photo… it looked like there had be a great rock fall years ago and the mountain was covered in giant broken rocks… pretty awesome in real life!!

After a little stretch we carried on for our hunt to find a fishing hole! On our drive we came across a truck who’s owner must have been having to much fun already… I thanked God immediately for our little hike, as we could have been right in the middle of this mess! The truck was abandoned, and it didn’t seem like anyone had even tried to clean it up… beer bottles all over the place…. I do believe everyone was ok and no one was seriously injured because we didn’t hear or see an ambulance at the bottom of the hill… hopefully it just shook some sense into them!!

We carried on to the Little Lake in the Woods completely enjoying our drive!!

When we arrived I couldn’t believe there was no one there on the 4th!! I told Jim next time we should camp there! It was beautiful!! It was like it was made just for us!! My favorite was the old log that was plenty wide enough to walk out into the water… perfect place to get our poles wet and let Ella and Loretta run a muck… 4th of July isn’t fun if your don’t get dirty, right?

After spending a few hours trying to catch something, anything with no luck we decided to head back and pick up some fireworks for our little firecracker to enjoy!! Yay, most people probably would have gotten their fireworks in advance… but we are very last minute kinda people… They didn’t have anything good, everything we’d deem good is illegal here lol ( should have purchased some in Wyoming) so we got the kids kit and a few other small ones for Ella and we had just as much fun watching her tiny little face light up!!!

She’d scream no, no!!! Then as soon as they were over I hear More!! More!! Funny child of ours!! We wrapped it up with bbqing some amazing steaks and hitting the bed early, jim didn’t have much to do the next day so we planned on hitting the rat rod show!!

….. and we did lol, the creativity people put into there car always amazes me! And to watch them in action was fun too!! I couldn’t believe how excited Ella was about all the cars she is truly daddy’s girl!!

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful we hit some more fishing some more hiking and some amazing family time, hope you all had an amazing 4th xoxox 💋

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