Abandoned Adventures

Ever since I’ve known Jim he’s had a strange amusement with exploring abandoned buildings. Over the years it’s grown on me and I too find myself looking for giant old rundown buildings! I remember this one time we set out for a drive and ended up in a whole abandoned neighborhood near Monterey, CA, apparently it was an old military housing area and tho I still don’t know why there was 100s of houses abandoned, it looked as if they rebuilt 100 more down the street where military families currently live. To me it’s such a waste of money, I mean why not rebuild what is there? I’d think it would be much cheaper than re building all the houses? The abandoned houses seemed nicer than the new ones even… something I’ll never under stand… like wastefulness, I just don’t get it!

It was only natural to the both of us to see the old paper mill our first day in Portland, of corse the job site was across the street which is what led us to it, it seemed to have such a beauty to it and I could seem Jim’s uncontrollable urge start taking over! Without saying a words I knew as soon as we say that old warehouse he’d be in it within a matter of days, to my surprise it took almost a month, but that’s because work had kept him busy! I’m sure you’ve seen this picture in one of my earlier posts but I figured I’d repost it here so we don’t over work your imagination 😉

With so much to explore the second he got a chance Jim was there… yes probably braking the law by entering the building, and I don’t think anyone should do this especially alone because you never know what shape the bones of the building are in and at any moment it could come crashing down on you…. but this is Jim we are taking about here, he loves the rush and has a whole lot of experience in “exploring abandoned buildings ” ( I like the word exploring, because breaking in seems so criminal) but if you don’t break anything and leave no trace you where there and you don’t take anything and your careful not to hurt yourself what harm is caused? Honestly if we could afford to Jim, Ella, Loretta and I would do nothing but explore the abandoned buildings of the world and I think we’d do a much better job than anyone you see on TV or you tube for that matter… but chance are wed break a lot of laws and we are parents now so we can’t be going to jail… in Jim’s case prison ( everyone has a past and I don’t like to live in the past so for now we will not talk about that). I guess Jim had gotten lost on his way to the gym one foggy morning because I started receiving the strangest snap chats from him… I’d have to say I was pretty jealous but Ella is way to young for that kind of dangerous exploring, so I understood his going on for the both of us! Now what I didn’t expect was what he found inside… I’m still not to sure what it all meant or weather it was done for a movie or an actual gang/ group did these paintings… either way I’d probably be peeing my pants if I was with him anyways, I’m definitely the wuss in the family!

Here are a few of the snap chats I received. After some serious Google time I discovered that these some how relate “Wesen” which was some sort of vampire thing? Idk I’m not all that in to vampires, but it was a interesting read if you get a chance google it! Here’s a pic I found online that Jim swears was taken in the old paper mill… which would mean the paintings where done for a movie or tv show because that’s what this picture is from

Apparently they would burn people alive for inter species marriage, that was my first clue that it must be from a movie because here in the real world we don’t have werewolves… and tho the paper mill is very old, it isn’t old enough nor is the fairly newer art work to have been around when people hunted that sort of thing… Well digging threw the inter webs, I discovered a group or gang that was the ” real life” version of the Wesen called the ” wolves of Vinland” they are said to have originated in Oregon City, Clackamas county…. hmmm strange that’s exactly where the mill is located… this is where I got a little confused and of corse I don’t have a ton of time on my hands to be digging much deeper, I don’t understand how they are the “real life version” I’m not exactly sure what it is they believe… at first thought it seemed they were a white power gang that disagreed with gays and lesbians… but reading on, it seemed that most of what I read as written by a well known gay man by the name of Jack Donovan… who talks about being gay… if your gay you are a man who likes men, so why do men that are gay act like women, which leads to the stereotype of a “gay man” truth be told I thought it to be a very good question…. but going down that road just lead me away from what it was I wanted to know… here are some pic I pulled off the inter webs of the Wolves of VinlandAgain this last picture seems to have been taken in the paper mill… there was a painting of that same eagle on one of the walls in there… for some reason I can’t find it but I’ll add it as soon as I do!!

Any feed back? Maybe help me fill in some blanks would be appreciated… thank you so much for reading of our adventures xoxox💋

44 thoughts on “Abandoned Adventures

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    1. Lol we sure do! Today was a little river trip… there is no point in being on the rod full time if you don’t explore and enjoy everything around you!! Thank you for the follow, and I will for sure enjoy reading your blogs!!

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  1. Oh wow, your abandoned buildings are certainly strange, and scary !!
    I’d like to thank you for following my blog /website, muchly appreciated, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor 🌏

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  2. My mother was ALWAYS stopping the car to explore abandoned buildings, much to my and my sister’s embarrassment. I am often intrigued – and always sad – by the stories I imagine old abandoned buildings could tell. My daughter is JUST like her grandmother: if it’s there, she’s going in! 😂 Thanks for following my blog: looking forward to hearing more of your adventures 😊😊

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    1. That’s so cool!! We are probably going to be those parents… hopefully we won’t embarrass her too much!! I’d have to say the abandoned house in Monterey were so amazing, somewhat sad at the same time!! Thank you for the follow as well!!

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  3. Oh, well there was a show filmed in Portland called Grimm and the Wesen were human animal hybrids with powers. It was on NBC and just ended last year. I liked it though it got to be pretty preposterous. Its possible they used the buildngs as locations or just as likely they patterned that aspect of the show on this real life gang, who knows?


  4. Thanks for following my blog. I like your abandoned buildings photos. There’s something beautiful about old, falling apart buildings. It’s like visiting castle ruins – lots of good photo opps, to say the least!

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  5. Such a cool story! Really enjoyed all the photos. Abandon buildings fascinate me, though I’ve only experienced them in pictures. Sounds like ya’ll are on quite the adventure! Looking forward to reading more from you. And thanks for following my blog 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! May possibly be starting a Vlog soon of nothing but abandoned building adventures and my wonderful yet sailor mouth man… warning he has no filter lol… just finishing up my lasted blog with some more abandoned fun, check it out!! Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading more of your stuff as well!!

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