A change of scenery is always nice, and I’d have to say Northern Washington is beautiful!! We stayed and a campground called Hidden Village and we really enjoyed it there!! The rv spots weren’t to big, but they had cheap laundry and a heated pool, which we swam in everyday. We were only 10 min from the Canada, I really wish we would have gotten our passports… but I think we may be close to again in a few months, so maybe then we can check out Canada!!!

And a few more from beautiful Bellingham

Bellingham was a cute collage town, didn’t see any abandoned factories… sorry. It was refreshing to see the ocean again, Although we didn’t spend much time there! We spent ours days in the beautiful pool teaching Ella to swim. We were only there a week and our time flew by quickly. It was a very small job for Jim, which raised some difficult questions. He really likes the company he was working for however, they really weren’t paying what they should, they also had forgotten to pay him a couple of times which is really scary when you depend on that money to take care of your family! This very small job had him thinking they may be running out of work. Sure enough when the job was over he was told to head back to Glide for a few weeks to work the shop… $15 an hour ( shop pay) just doesn’t cut it, so he made a few calls. We made it 9 hours back to Glide just in time for him to finish up a few things for them and give his notice, since there wasn’t work for two week, we left the next day…. another 20 hour drive, worth every second, but before we left we had a little fun in the sun… I love it here and will have to come back!!

The new company is kinda an old company, Jim worked for them years ago before he quit to be closer to us, but now that we are with him things have changed and Apex was more than happy to bring him back. So where are we? Well I will say there is so much to do here expect a lot more blogs… we plan on checking out some pretty exciting stuff this weekend that you may not know about…. of course if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you probably already, but if not your going to have to wait for the be surprise 💋💋💋

Here’s a clue 😏

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    1. Thank you!! LOVING it so far, and just heard…. may sound dumb… but we will be out of here before the weather gets to bad!! Apparently it doesn’t get to bad until January here!! I thought for sure I’d be freezing next month!!


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