Rocks, Rocks, and More Rocks

Completely amazed by these giant rock formations!! Welcome to Garden of the gods! Of corse pulling into Manitou Springs, Colorado this was the first thing our small rock obsessed family saw!! We couldn’t wait to get closer and check them out!

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We left early, around 7 am, so that we could see these giant creations with the perfect light... unfortunately my pictures don't even begin to show the their true beauty! Surprisingly we weren't the only ones with that idea. As we strolled threw the big red rocks, we came across some climbers, right then, of course, Jim wanted to get his gear and join them... but I didn't want to turn around... I was mystified by the beauty all around me!

It seemed like a lot of people used this place as their morning gym... people running, people climbing and people biking all around... I was so jealous, I may actually lose weight if I could come here everyday to work out!Ella took off in front of us... she has one speed.. RUN! All of a sudden she stops dead in her tracks, DEER, DEER... Oh deer.. she screams... of corse I thought they'd be long gone, but nope must be getting use too it! Strange this was the first doe I've seen since we got her... all I've seen where giant bucks, of corse they have been the biggest bucks this little country girl has ever seen and I'm certainly not complaining!!

It literally felt like we were in a completely different world, the feeling of relaxation came over me and I never wanted to leave!! Rocks seem to have that affect on me ❤️ I really don't think I have seen anything like this, giant rocks, yes but this red color... the strange shapes, and of corse all the beautiful green surrounded them! I cant wait to visit again... maybe to watch Jim Climb, maybe on horse back, or maybe just a few more calming walking! Now of course Ella won't let me stay away to long, she calls this place DEER, and says "I want deer" every time she sees it out her window!!

Have you ever been here?

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    1. I was just told by the rv Park owners that the weather doesn’t get that that bad here!! You should have an amazing time!! Who knows, depending on when you will be here, we may still be here too…..


  1. We were there year before last, although I had been before. It is magnificent and FREE! Almost nothing these day is. Be sure to go to Malibu Springs nearby and drink from all of the springs, also free. Each one is a different taste, and at least one is naturally carbonated right out of the ground. Good stuff there.

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  2. I live not far from the Springs and Manitou. I’ve been here in Colorado since 97, and the minute I crossed the state line, knew I had found home. This wandering gypsy has lived here longer than anywhere and everyday I am grateful for it.

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  3. What fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing them. I’m very much a rock geek, always looking for lore on semi precious stones. However, I like rocks period. People look at me like I’m crazy when I ask them to bring me back a rock from their vacation. 😀 Hugs.

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  4. Thank you for reading my weekly articles on mystery and fact. Amazing rocks indeed. Never been. We have mountains in north England that saw Romans traversed to build their mountain forts. Vikings invaded and history was made some 2300 years ago. Maybe will go to see this gardens of the Gods one fine day.

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