And the Adventures Continue!

Living on the road is almost like living on a constant vacation… at times it can be exhausting, but you only live once and live is what we must do!! I don’t want to miss anything, and Colorado has soooo many things to offer, we finally got to go some place full of history I’ve wanted to visit since we first pulled in, The famous Cliff Dwellers! The Cliff Dwellers were Indians that built their homes out of the rocks right inside of the mountains!! And let me tell you they must have been tiny, because my big butt barely fit threw the door lol!

Of corse Ella thought it was her personal play house and ran threw it like a little banshie, but with two of us we were able to catch her, thank goodness because I don’t think she would have enjoyed trying to cook on the old Indian ovens!

Or sleep in the rock bed… I think I might have enjoyed living long ago when you just found a place you liked and built your own home on it… no escrow, realtors ( yuck) just kidding mama ❤️… times seemed simpler back then. Although as we learned walking threw the museum, they definitely had their fare share of troubles… I’m not going to lie, the flat head thing kinda freaked me out. Apparently the way the Indians carried their baby’s on their backs had the child sitting in the same place all day long, this caused their skull to flatten… I guess that’s why you make sure your new born doesn’t sit in the same position for to long… of corse my little ball of energy didn’t have that problem she’s been moving non stop since she was still in my tummy!

This place was a must see and I recommend it to anyone young and old, history is just as important as our future and we can’t expect to live better in the future if we don’t know and understand the past… here’s a few more pic I took, but as always I left a lot out so you will have to come see it for yourself!!

And what Indian homes would be complete with out a real Tipi? Unfortunately we had to drag our two year old out kicking and screaming because she just didn’t want to leave, I assured her we’d be back… both grandmas are coming to visit this month and I know they will want to come see this!!

Have you ever been here? Where is someplace you’ve been full of history I need to add to my list for future travels?

Thanks for reading and following our crazy rocky life, excited to share it with all of you💋

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  1. I was fortunate enough to visit the pueblo dwelling. We enjoyed it so much, we decided to go to Mesa Verda, a place I’ve always wanted to see. I would love to revisit the southwest and see the National Monuments, less visited than the National Parks. Colorado is esp. beautiful in the fall when the birch trees are turning gold. Great blog.

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  2. I love this big. Earl and I seek out cliff dwellings wherever we can in our travel. The historical and cultural growths and events just fascinate us. We love the lithographs they left behind for us to explore. It seems you are on quite an adventure! Nice photographs depicting your visual diaries. 😀

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