Steamboat Extravaganza

As normal we piled into the truck with out a clue as to where we were headed for the day… I was just proud we hit the road before 7am!! We headed towards town and decided first order of business was grub! Jim’s pancake obsession lead us to the most wonderful little place… all you could eat pancake and the most amazing service, I mean really! It’s rare these days your coffee is always hot, and the waitress always has a smile… even the cook came out and talked to us for awhile, which was great because we had been thinking of going up Pikes, but he told us there happened to be a bike ride going on… and we really didn’t want to have to mess with bikes all over!

So after breakfast which was so delicious and quick.. we loaded back up with full belly’s in the truck… Again not knowing where we were headed. We drove towards Denver and Jim asked if I was up for a road trip… lol, it’s always a road trip with him behind the wheel, that’s for sure! We set our gps and on to Steamboat Springs it was! I’ve been so stuck on my phone lately working on my oil business, Jim literally had to take it from me so I wouldn’t miss out on the beautiful drive…. oh corse I got it back, someone had to take pictures… as we climbed our first grade and hit the endless tunnel I could see memories racing back Jim as he sung old Waylon songs. You see jim did a job in Steamboat many years before I met him, he was at a very bad place in his life and I could tell the memories were haunting.

Soon we were back to smiles and laughter as he began to describe the amazing project he did there and how excited he was to see if his work had held up all these years…

The drive was breathtaking and it really started to hit me… I must be the luckiest woman on earth ❤️ As we pulled over Rabbit Ear Pass I saw a rock that really stood out, we later found out that mountain was exactly why they called it Rabbit Ear Pass, early settlers had named it after this beautiful site… which to me looked nothing like Rabbit Ears!

We pulled down into Steamboat and I instantly fell in love with the adorable little tourist town! We checked out the town, drove past his old apartment and then went and saw the natural hot springs spewing into the river!

After a little quick subway lunch we head towards the end of town to see the old rock fall project I’ve heard about so many times… and he was right it was huge… no wonder he always talked about it, I could believe my eyes when he explained he had hung all the mesh!!

And what a beautiful place to work

Since we really aren’t people people, we headed up to Rabbit Ear Pass to do some hiking and a little gold hunting ❤️ the weather had started to switch on us as our beautiful sunny day turned to scary lighting and thunder followed by buckets of rain as pulled off to where we wanted to hike… but you only live once, so we bundled up the munchkin and put our feet to the dirt!

God must have been shining down on us because shortly after we strangest out the clouds moved on and the sun shinned brightly… I couldn’t have asked for a better day, with the fresh rain and pine smell in the air we hiked around those mountains for a couple hours just enjoying every second of this beautiful land… after our hike we headed back to the truck and hit the road headed home… with a short stop in Vail, about 30 mins of our track home. All I can say is… well very large homes, it was definitely beautiful and I could just imagine how it looked in the winter… when there was actually people there lol… the sun began to set and it was time to head home… for reals this time. What an amazing day I will treasure for the rest of my life❤️ I really am blessed to be on this life size adventure with the ones I love so much

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  1. The leaves are starting to turn here (in Steamboat) now and they are in full bloom up on the pass. It’s one of my favorite months of the year here. The tourists are pretty much gone so it’s nice and quiet as a bonus! Winter is also a beautiful time here if you get the chance to return. Just make sure you have good snow tires! By the way, were those bears in a couple of your pictures? Not sure if you noticed but one of the ears is sort of broken now. The rocks crumbled on that ear. It’s a pretty cool hike up to the ears. Looks like you are enjoying life as you travel from place to place!

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