There’s Gold in them there Mountains!!

Somewhere in the deep dark crevices of the inter webs, Jim found a tip, alone with the strangest, yet accurate, driving directions, to a remote location claimed to be covered in gold, by the name of clear water. So of course we took those strange directions gathered our pans and headed out… like always I had prepared for a relaxing day in the sun fishing the Arkansas River… but our plans changed. Dressed in sandals and shorts I went with it, he hasn’t lead me a stray yet! A good hour on the road, the weather began to change on us and before we knew it… rain! we passed 4 of the high famous Rocky Mountains, but of corse I only got a pic of one and completely forgot my plan to snap pictures and write down their names on the way back… sorry guys, no one said I was a good blogger❤️

We passed threw an adorable old mining town and started getting excited… fresh mines dig out all over the mountains… maybe this was it!! Maybe we will find a big nugget and be rich beyond belief… lol

As we pulled down and followed the road under the telephone wires ( no joke that’s what the directions said to do) we saw no sign of water… but as we drove we started seeing lots of cars and tents… apparently his info was buried as deep as he has made it sound! We followed the road until it dead ended.. and parked, as we got out I heard some me whisper, are you going to take the tourists out or should I…. they laughed and walked back to their tents which looked like they had been there for years! We shrugged it off, and Jim grabbed me his old water boots to wear, afraid I’d get blisters… and I probably would have, but my get up one for the record books… we could only find one sock, so one foot went bare into the very oversized wet rubber boot.. yuck! We packed up and head out, 5 mins in we started seeing giant holes dug every where…. but the strange thing was we didn’t see any people! With all the cars and tents… not a soul in sight we kept walking and came across a small stream, sure enough gold! Flakes and nothing to get to excited about, but always nice to find something! As we walked Jimmy told me of how it had all been hydro mines and the government shut it down before they could go threw everything they had washed out… the ground really did look like it was covered in gold… fools gold of corse… but it was fun! Our walk turned to a hike and our hike turned to a climb, we came across old broken down mine structures that Jim told me where used to hold water in a certain area… now an hour in we ran into a nice young man who said he had been walking on the Colorado trail since Denver ( at least a 3 hour drive). He told us of all the old cabins he had seen and wildlife he had gotten to experience… wish I would have done something like that in my teen years! We went a little farther and decided to turn around, the only water we had seen was when we first started and we hadn’t seen any holes dug for awhile… we turned around and I followed him off the trail… soon we were climbing over giant rocks and every now and then we’d see a big hole dug where someone was mining.. we made it back to the stream and walked down the other way… people, finally some action! We stopped and chatted for a bit one guy lived locally and came out here every weekend for a good year now and he’s found a few little nugs, but all he had found today was flakes.. same as us, the other guy was from Texas, drove all the way here just to find some gold… he had been camping for a few days and still hadn’t found anything… at this point the baby and I were getting kinda tired, I told energizer bunny it was time to head back… reluctantly he agreed and we headed back threw the mines… people certainly got creative using old mattress wires to sift threw the rocks. I was kind afraid our truck would be torched by the locals who clearly didn’t want us there, but lucky they weren’t that mean. On our way out Jimmy grabbed a few buckets of dirt to pan out in the Arkansas River on the way home.. the rain had stopped and it was pretty warm out, I couldn’t wait to get my mucky feet out of those boots and into some cold water!! It was beautiful and I made Jim promise to bring us back to fish…

What a great way to end another fabulous adventure… I can’t wait to come back and do some fishing… maybe even hit the water for some white water rafting 😁

Have you ever gone on the hunt for gold? Did you find anything? ❤️❤️❤️

23 thoughts on “There’s Gold in them there Mountains!!

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  1. Hey, the spot price of gold is about $1200 per ounce right now, so you never know, you might hit it big! I have fished the Arkansas, but in over three decades living in Colorado, I’ve never panned for gold. Need to try that sometime! God bless!

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  2. That takes me back to my childhood. I grew up in a gold mining town that no longer had paying alluvial gold in the rivers. It had been panned out and they began to dig deep mines. The whole town was on top of tunnels and now and then one would cave in. In 1893 there was a big flood and someone forgot to seal one of the mines and as they were all interconnected it was just too costly to pump out the mines. The blue stone tailings from those digs were slowly crushed to form the base for roadways in that town for many years and as a boy after rain I used to search the side of the road for real gold. Most of my collection was fools gold but I did manage to find enough real stuff to fill a glass vial over the years. It was probably lost in my many moves.

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      1. The town of Gympie in Australia. Gold was discovered there in 1867. By the time my parents moved there in 1939 there were blue stone heaps all around the town from deep earth mining. The easy stuff had been taken early after discovery. I can remember old mining machinery around and the occasional sink hole where a mine under the city had caved in.

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      2. Oh my goodness!! They must have pulled a lot of gold out for it to keep going and get that bad!! I’d love to visit there some day Australia has always been some place I’d love to visit ❤️

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