Mother in Law

Some people dread the day there mother in law comes to visit…. not me, oh no I couldn’t wait! OOH and Ella was so excited, her little face when she saw her nana… and of corse her first time at an airport… priceless

Nana always comes with bags full of adventure and of corse fun thing to spoil her granddaughter ❤️ and what an action packed weekend it was!

We started the weekend out slow with a nice drive, showed off Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs and ended up at an awesome little gold mining museum! They had a little performance going on in full costume, Ella and Nana went and watched we Jim and I took a lol at the old equipment they had there… awww to live back then.

We headed back to the trailer with a quick detour to Mother Muffs… oh so good, let me tell you make sure you try one of their delicious blueberry mules mmmm! With full bellies, naturally it’s nap time…

The moment I’d been waiting for… Date Night! Boy does my man know how to plan, when he wants to.. kisses Nana and Ella goodnight and hit the road to Denver! First stop, Rockies vs. Dodgers… We were late, a little more traffic than expected. Jim so badly wanted to snap the ball players all standing for the National Anthem, since it seems to be a dying event 😢 With no place to park we headed farther away from the stadium… into a rather, um active part of town. Walking away from the truck that night I wasn’t sure I’d ever see it again…. a homeless problem is one thing, but this is more of a drug epidemic! Practically running, we made it after right after the first ending! I’ll admit it was my first time at a baseball game, I was pretty excited! Of course the Rockies won, which is always fun to watch the die heart local fans go wild!! The game was close, with so much at stake, I’d have to say it was such a wonderful experience! The people the chanting… take me to the ball game any day!!

The game ended around 830-9 and we hit the rush! Jim had planned the next part of the evening just for me… he hates bars, and not a fan of concerts unless it’s someone he likes.. and most of them are dead! Phil Vasser and the Grizzly Rose. The have big concerts every weekend, and line dancing… this is a DMS ( Denver Must See) the coolest old bar friendly people and honestly not to busy… bull riding, line dancing and a little outside looking in ❤️❤️❤️ my heart was full!

With a fun filled night, and mama bear slightly buzzed we headed on home to rest for more Nana adventures the next day, non of us had any idea of the excitement and amazing family memories headed our way…

Up bright and early we headed out to get a hardy breakfast and decided we were going to explore the amusement park we had seen driving home the night before… let me tell you being scared of heights, you usually don’t mind skipping amusement parks… but I’m so glad I sucked it up for this one! Elitch Gardens! What a cute little place, even on a Sunday, no lines! We went from ride to ride with Ella…

Until my over adventurous Jim saw it… I saw it, I saw it to, looked like a death wish to me… I grabbed a beer from the first stand I saw took a few big drinks and in the spirt of “family time” and since he had been so amazing the night before I agreed to do it…feet hanging super speeds upside down… pretty sure I had a couple heart attacks.. but I made it… never again my love, never again!

Nana and I were pretty hot and decided to get a closer look at the big raft ride so we took Ella up on the bridge.. Jim laughs and said he was fine and didn’t want to get wet.. chicken is was just going to be a little mist as he made it down the steps nana and I looked at each other in pure horror as the biggest wave headed right for us! Drenched head to toe.. even our shoes were full of water… Ella’s was to thrilled and we had to calm her down a bit… Since we were already wet we decided to do the smaller raft ride similar to the one you may have seen at Knots Berry farm, always my favorite since there isn’t any upside down nonsense! We hoped on the raft with three other people, the young girl was dressed rather provocative… and I was a bit worried on how child friendly this ride was going to be… Ella sat between me and Daddy and Nana sat next to this poor girl.. usually everyone gets equally wet… but for some reason just her nana for all the splashes, luckily everything stayed covered and I guarantee that poor girl went home after that! Now 4pm we deciders end our day as well, oh corse Jim had to work the next day and I wasn’t sure what we were going to do for Ella and Nana’s last day, but I knew I’d need my energy!!

We all slept in a bit the next morning and headed our for breakfast as usual stumbling upon a little hole in the wall place called Mountain spirts, very delicious! We decided to head over to the famous Cheyenne Zoo build on top of a hill!! Now I’ve been to my fare share of zoos, but this zoo had quite an assortment of animals plus threw out the day there was snack times for each animal, except the giraffe, you get to feed them lettuce all day… it cost $1-$2 but it went towards rescue organizations dealing with whatever animal you got to feed, totally worth it… I mean have you ever seen a giraffe tongue?

They had so many different critters there, elephants, rhinos, mirror cats… they had a walk threw kangaroo section… a room full of birds to feed, lions, tigers and bears… oh my! The bear actually had its own pond to fish from! A mouse and a giant wolf area with pups… but my favorite awwwww my favorite, only because It fooled me… the sloth hanging from a rope in front of monkey world, Ella was scared to walk under it I laughed, told her it was a toy and stood on my tippy toes trying to wack it so she knew it was fake… as we were walking threw the monkey area, this lady tapped me on the shoulder and ask if I thought the sloth was fake… I laughed and said it totally is, she assured me it wasn’t told me to take another look, her friend stopped her just in time before she jumped up and hit it!!! I couldn’t believe it, it most definitely was real… you could even see drool creeping from his cheek!!!

We had an amazing visit with Nana and can’t wait to see her again!! Next weekend, my parents so excited miss them so much!!! Come back next week, promise I won’t take so long to write❤️ love you all💋

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