Oooooh how I hate that word. I finally understand why my mom would get so upset when I'd tell her " I'm bored". She'd always tell me to clean when I'd say that... so I learned quickly to keep it to myself or come up with a more creative way of saying it! As you... Continue Reading →

Abandoned Adventures

Ever since I've known Jim he's had a strange amusement with exploring abandoned buildings. Over the years it's grown on me and I too find myself looking for giant old rundown buildings! I remember this one time we set out for a drive and ended up in a whole abandoned neighborhood near Monterey, CA, apparently... Continue Reading →


First of all, I'd like to say thank you to anyone and everyone who has fought for this great country, you are the real hero! I've had many friends that have given there time to serve, and I even have a friend that is over seas now. I come from a long line of brave... Continue Reading →

Birthday Month

I remember when I was little as soon as July hit I was excited... we celebrated my birthday all month long, usually we would have a big party, but I'd get presents threw out the month.... so of corse I'm doing the same thing for my daughter.... the big trip home and birthday party extravaganza... Continue Reading →

So little time

Wow it's been way to long!! I'm going to do my best never to wait so long again, but I'm not making any promises! I've been so busy! Last week we headed home ( California) for my beautiful baby girls 2nd birthday, and we were swamped with friends and family that missed us, we tried... Continue Reading →

A Different Type of Beautiful

I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last blog.... I am so sorry, sometimes life just takes over, that and a almost two year old refusing to give me 5 secs on my phone. Her big birthday party is next week, thank goodness for her nana who planned and paid for it,... Continue Reading →

Gliding Threw

So one more night here in Glide, OR. It's so beautiful here, wish we could stay longer.. 4 night isn't enough!! Yesterday we made friends! We took a morning trip to the jungle gym, in the super awesome camp ground his boss got us, and Sarah and her daughter Hazely pulled up shortly after we... Continue Reading →

My tribe

We've covered a lot of ground the last few days, and are now here in Glide, Oregon! A very very tiny town outside of Roseburg (which is also pretty small). We left Wyoming and headed to Oregon got a call to stop off in Montana for a few days after all so Jim could help... Continue Reading →


Day 34 We were off! Off to Butte, Montana, Earth Angel Healing Mine. The trip: 5 1/2 hours... taking it slow since Jim had a three day weekend, but I couldn't wait to get there and meet other road moms with crazy husbands... 4 hours into Montana and Jim's phone starts beeping... " We are... Continue Reading →

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